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Starting a vlogging channel is purely a personal choice and there are many reasons why people decide to start one! For example, a few people may create vlogs to share their ideas and express their opinions regarding a specific topic of interest, while a few others may choose to vlog about their everyday life, show off their hobbies or teach their viewers some new skills! Vlogs generally fall into a variety of categories such as beauty, travel, food etc.

Watching and creating a vlog may be fun and exciting no doubt! However, before you jump into starting one, it is important to find out the purpose of your vlog and understand why you wish to create one! In other words, it is always important to have a niche! Remember that the growth of your channel depends both on your content and the type of audience that you manage to attract!

18 Vlog ideas for YouTube

Here are 18 vlog channel ideas that will help you identify the theme of your vlog and enable you to create the YouTube channel of your dreams!

1.Travel Vlog

Watching the world through a travel vlogger’s lens satisfies our wanderlust and helps us add new places to our bucket list! While people in the past relied entirely on itineraries, travel guides, and books to plan their vacations, people today are getting most of their info from YouTube vlogs! Most successful travel YouTubers often document their journey in parts or series and make sure to give away as much information about a place as possible to their viewers, while at the same time adding a touch of humour!

2. Lifestyle Vlog

Lifestyle vloggers are mostly YouTubers who don’t go by a particular niche. They often vlog about their personal lives and voice their opinions about issues of public interest or matters close to their heart. Most lifestyle YouTubers engage quite regularly with their audiences and collaborate with fellow YouTubers to produce inspiring and fun content for their viewers.

3. Wellness And Health Vlog

If you’re health-conscious, a fitness freak, or a yoga enthusiast with a strong passion to encourage people to lead a healthy life, then health and wellness vlogging may be a suitable niche for you! A majority of successful health YouTubers often use their vlog channels to inspire people by sharing useful health tips or making short, engaging videos about their fitness journeys and daily exercise routines.

4. Food And Cooking Vlog

Food vloggers never fail to give their audience a delicious eyeful of both local and global cuisine! Most successful food YouTubers often travel to various locations around the world, tasting exotic dishes and providing viewers with their experiences and reviews. A majority of food vloggers also create short, detailed cooking and recipe videos which prove useful in the kitchen. Moreover, although cookbooks continue to remain in trend, more and more people are now finding their favourite recipes on YouTube!

5. Gaming Vlog

Over the years, YouTube has become a popular platform for gaming enthusiasts to interact with like-minded individuals who share their love for gaming. Gaming YouTubers often record their screen while playing a game, which they later edit and add commentary to! Besides this, most game vloggers also provide walkthroughs and game hacks to make the gaming experience smooth and easy for their viewers.

6. Comedy Vlog

Comedy has been found to be one of the most entertaining and fastest-growing niches on YouTube! Popular comedy vloggers often find humour in everyday scenarios and entertain their viewers by making funny YouTube vlogs or creating short skits involving single or multiple characters. If you’re someone who enjoys making people guffaw, then comedy vlogging may be the perfect niche for you!

7. Art and Design Vlog

Art and design YouTubers specialise in various mediums such as pencil art, painting, or digital art. The best vlog channels often showcase their artworks, post tutorials, and collaborate with other artists, thus creating a community of art enthusiasts and helping them to learn new techniques and brush up on their existing art skills.

8. Science Vlog

Science vloggers mostly aim to make understanding and learning science simple, easy, and fun for their viewers. With science being a vast sea of knowledge, most science YouTubers often divide their videos based on topic. Popular YouTube vlogs which run by this niche make sure to keep their audiences engaged by creating animations or short videos discussing complex scientific theories in ways that are easy to be understood by laymen.

9. Technology Vlog

Tech vloggers often use their knowledge of technology to enlighten viewers about the latest products available on the market. The best vlog channels often give close attention to detail by publishing  step-by-step tutorials, tech hacks, unboxing, or product review videos and giving audiences an earful about whether or not to update their devices to the latest version of software.

10. Education Vlog

YouTubers who love to learn also love to teach! Most education vloggers either stick to a particular topic or divide their videos into parts and publish tutorials, demonstration videos, or animations to help their viewers learn new concepts. Some popular vloggers also make classroom learning videos which prove to be extremely beneficial for students.

11. Makeup And Beauty Vlog

Beauty vloggers are usually well versed with the latest beauty and skincare products available in the market. They often publish makeup tutorials, partner with brands, and post honest reviews about the products they use. Successful beauty vloggers make sure to keep their viewers engaged by regularly interacting with them, recommending the best skincare routines and organising meet-ups and give-aways.    

12. Sports Vlog

Sports YouTubers often focus either on a single sport or multiple sports. If it’s a single sports YouTube channel, then videos usually involve product reviews and skill development techniques. Sports vloggers who focus on multiple sport categories often invite sportspersons as special guests to discuss their skills and perform challenges. Popular sports YouTubers have also been seen posting motivational sports videos and highlighting sports bloopers.

13. Animations

YouTubers who follow this niche often post animated narratives which either depict a story or comprise educational concepts which are explained in a simplified manner using animations, which include various types of art such as digital art or vector art. Some animation vloggers also post art tutorials and product reviews.

14. Music And Dance Vlog

YouTubers who fall into this niche category not only use YouTube as a medium to build a community, share ideas and learn but also as a platform to showcase their talents in dance and music and progress their careers. Most music and dance vloggers often compose and post their own songs or covers and remixes of popular songs. They also help their viewers learn new styles by posting dance tutorial videos.

15. Daily Vlogs

A daily vlog channel involves a lot of work and is usually hard to make. Although vlogging your life on a daily basis may sound boring and monotonous, daily vloggers know exactly what their audiences love the most. So they go all the way and deliver the best content to keep their viewers engaged each and every day! Most popular daily vloggers document their daily lives, sharing both their best and worst moments with their viewers.

16. Movie And Book Reviews

Everybody loves to check out the reviews before watching a movie or reading a book! Movie fanatics and book lovers are now gravitating towards YouTube to get updates on the latest movie and book releases! YouTubers who follow this niche are bookish movie fanatics themselves and love building a like-minded community where they can discuss their favourite books and movies. Most vloggers regularly engage with their viewers and post ratings, reviews, and critics on a daily or weekly basis.

17. Family And Couple Vlogs

Couple and Family vlog channels are a growing trend on YouTube today. These YouTubers generally document their daily lives in series or parts. They also choose to make vacation, kids or anniversary vlogs and always ensure to keep their viewers entertained by regularly taking part in daring pranks or challenge and collaborating with fellow couple and family YouTubers. Most famous vloggers also organise meetups and sell their channel branded merchandise to their subscribers.

18. Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity vlogging is a popular niche with good potential for growth. YouTubers who follow this niche are up-to-date with the latest celebrity gossip stories and mostly publish videos or commentary about celebrity news, controversies, untold life stories, and biographies. If you regularly follow celebrity and pop culture, then this niche might just be the one for you!

Once you have picked your vlog idea, the next step is to name your channel. Keep in mind that your vlog channel name is crucial for your channel’s growth! Attractive and cute vlog channel names often tend to become most popular. The importance of having a unique channel name is that it sets you apart from other YouTube channels and helps you gain subscribers. Choosing good YouTube names for vlogs and creating attractive vlog channel art are also some of the best ways by which you can make your channel grow!

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