What is video marketing and how to use it to promote your business

What is video marketing and how to use it to promote your business

It’s time to take advantage of learning about video marketing and learn that using video for business is not as difficult as it sounds.

Benefits of video content for business

The main condition for video content is interaction and a good rule of thumb is to keep the audience engaged for 85-90 seconds of your video as this the optimal duration in order to keep the attention of the user (potential client).

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The advantages of the video are obvious, as it has emotional overtones and, accordingly, engages the potential client better than the text. Short videos convey information, show products, introduce brands and sell services much better than text, and thus establish a strong connection with your potential customers.

Business video content formats

There are various video formats to work with your target audience. Browse YouTube or other social media and you will see many examples:

Corporate film

One of the most common video ad formats. In just a couple of minutes, it can tell the story of a company or its founders and clearly demonstrate what you do. People like such kind of format.

Success stories are inspiring, so it always makes sense to show where you started and where you came from after a while, what influenced your business, what your team looks like.


This video is usually 30 to 90 seconds long and focuses entirely on the product or service. It always creatively presents a product or service and also convinces and entertains the audience at the same time.

Micro video

These are short videos, no more than 20 seconds long, posted on your website or social media.

Explainer videos

Suitable for presenting information about a product or service in an interesting way. Video content in this case is often animated or illustrated, which allows viewers to better absorb new information.

Along with production the video strategy is crucial.

To achieve the result you want, you need to set clear goals:

  • Collect email addresses
  • Increase the number of comments
  • Get more visits to your site

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You need to write specific goals in your content strategy.

Before creating video content for a business, it is very important to determine the interests of the target consumer. After that, it will be easier to adjust the strategy and optimize the length or platform for hosting your video. The length of time a video is viewed or time on the page is vital.

Top tips for creating a video content for business

  • Create a video based on a story that will affect the desires of your specific target audience.
  • The title of the video should be enticing and be sure to meet the search engine optimization requirements (keywords).
  • Focus on the value your prospect will receive by purchasing your product or service.
  • Optimize your video for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Write a small accompanying text that includes the keywords you need for SEO.
  • Useful information in videos are more effective than just commercials.
  • Pay attention to quality audio in your video and use a good voiceover.
  • Remember about CTA’s (call-to-action) when completing the video.
  • Promote the videos on your social media.

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