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Vlog ideas with friends: Let’s try a shared vlog!

Are you running a personal video blog, but you wanted to try something new? Or maybe you immediately decided to create a joint vlog with friends? A collaborative video blog can become more creative and exciting, as more people – more ideas and everyone can bring something new to creativity! Why not give it a try?

Check out some trending vlog ideas with friends to get started!


A good idea is to start a vlog about how you became acquainted with your friends. However, don’t treat this as a job interview. Or another good idea is that you can create some form of a game or challenge between you and your friends.

Why are we friends? For example, you can ask questions like what do we have in common? How do we complement each other? Select the most active, fearless, or most responsible. You can arrange a survey with a few strange questions that your friends did not expect!

One day in our life

You can also share Ten unusual facts about you and your friends, unique hobbies, tastes, or interests!

How did you meet? Maybe the story of your acquaintance was hilarious.


What is Mukbang? So it’s a very popular form of video blogging in South Korea. The meaning of Mukbang is broadcasting the process of eating in real-time when the vlogger simultaneously communicates with his viewers. In South Korea, these vloggers are called BJ (broadcast jockey).

You can adapt this kind of video blog format for your region, and it will be much easier with friends!

For such a vlog, you don’t need to eat as much as possible and empty the entire refrigerator! A friendly get-together and a relaxed atmosphere of chatting at lunch are what can attract your new viewers!

As fast as possible

Try to shoot a video of a challenge! For example, do something in 20 seconds with your friends. Race them at something, for example, draw a picture, come up with a name for something, compose a slogan, grab some clothes from the closet and see who can get dressed fastest! Well, this is not an easy task! The spontaneity of action will make your video more natural and engaging!

Room tour

Oh yeah! Believe us; many people are interested in how and in what conditions other people live! You can gather with friends and take such tours through your homes, leading to some embarrassing moments! Each participant’s room will reflect the different characters of the owner and attract more of an audience. Share the secrets of how you set up your rooms or why your room looks like it’s hit with an atomic bomb!

Holidays gifts

Can’t create scripts for your videos?

So there are many different holidays every year. Why not make it a plot for a cool video? Take your BF and go shopping. Choosing and discussing which products you like in real-time can be fun. And an important point to take away is that you can also share your experience using the product with your viewers. You may discover you have the talent to present the product beautifully and professionally, and a youtube product reviewer role is waiting for you!


Volunteering is an excellent idea for your vlog! Become an initiator for a trip to an animal shelter or an environmental campaign, or helping sick people! Showcase the importance to your audience! Thanks to this, you can become a good and kind example for other people! Remember the movie “Bruce Almighty” and the famous phrase “Do you want to see a miracle, son? Be a miracle! “

Just do it

Have you wanted to try something for a long time but keep putting it off? Pluck up the courage to finally do it and achieve two goals at once! Do what you wanted to do for a long time and at the same time create a cool video.

Many of your viewers postpone their desires because they might be afraid to try or do not know how to start.

Are you dreaming about learning how to bake a cake? Can make a great video with friends; everyone can share info about their process and share tips. And if none of you have ever cooked! Well, we’re sure to get a hilarious video with a popular Title, “Failure,” or even “Epic Failure”.

“My eyes, my eyes, oh no!”

Sit down with your friends and put on a show or video clip that they would never have watched in their life. Trust me, their comments and reactions can amuse your viewers or find the approval of like-minded people or, on the contrary, haters. Well, all comments are important!


A trendy and always up-to-date type of content:

  • Checking life hacks from Instagram
  • Top 10 stupid life hacks
  • Top 10 handy life hacks
  • How to pass an exam
  • Life hacks from personal experience

“Mission Exposer”

In addition to the topic of life hacks, you can view life hacks offered by other YouTube channels. Many of them look great on video, but in practice, they are not very practical. You can expose or improve such life hacks, which will be of great benefit to your viewers.


A Challenge between you and your friends is a great format. A video filmed separately by each of your friends will make the overall ending very interesting. Can you invent a challenge that might go viral? For example:

  • Karaoke challenge
  • 24 hours without internet
  • Sports challenge
  • Live a whole week on a small amount of money
  • Expectation Vs. Reality

Fashion – Beauty

Always a hot topic that has a large following and more reasons for new videos. These videos can be both helpful and educational, as well as funny and “failing.” And with friends, your ideas will be much more interesting to carry out. For example:

  • Repeating celebrity makeup
  • 90s makeup
  • Make up your girlfriend for Halloween
  • Choosing a fashionable look for a friend and each other.
  • Clothing from different historical eras. You have to try!

Gaming vlog ideas for best friends

Popular topic! Play together, comment, and advise. Even if you are not a pro in video games, you will always find your potential viewers are always looking for great tips and entertaining gaming videos.

  • Top 3 favorite games
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Where to start gaming for dummies

We hope you’ve found some great ideas to get started!

Vlog ideas for friends can vary, and If you have ideas and are not afraid to share them and get feedback from potential followers, feel free to write your comments! Good luck!

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