Video editing programs for Macs

Are you head over heels in search of the best video editing program for Macs? If so, then you’re at the right place as here we are going to compile the best video software guides for Mac users.

With increased demand in content creation for Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook people or content creators are spending much more time creating fresh content. Let’s not forget every second person is using video editing software whether it is school going kid or business professionals. Hence. there is an increasing demand for video editing software to meet their requirements.

But finding the right tool is like looking for a polar bear in a hailstorm. It not only requires a lot of research but also learning. As many video software when operated for the first time seems a little difficult. However, what if we say we are saving you from all the trouble. As here we have accumulated the best of the best video editing for Macs software out there.

Using this you will be able to perform critical post-production activities such as trimming clips, adding green screen filters, and changing the playback speed for any of the videos.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s learn a little bit about this software.

What is the Video Editing Software for Mac?

As we all know Mac is prevailing and popular among every generation which is a reason why there is a plethora of software available for Mac users. Using this software, you can add Hollywood style effects to small trimming in the video. The video editing software streamlines the process of video creation. It not only saves time but also creates a beautiful and mesmerizing video in a short time frame.

Gone those days when we used to think that not everybody can do video editing, we tend to lean towards the professional for editing and stuff. But now in the market, there is plenty of simple video editing software for Mac that anybody can try their hands on. In case, you face any difficulty while operating the tool, there are youtube guides available for it.

Below we are going to mention the best GoPro video editing for Mac which is free as well as paid.

Best Free GoPro Video Editing for Mac Users

Many people assume that free software is not worth it, but let me tell you if you know how to make the best out of it then every single tool is worth giving a try. You can make picture-perfect clips that are ready to be posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else with the right free video editing tools, without unsightly watermarks or annoying time limitations. Here we are going to discuss the best free video editing software for Macs.


Another specialist video editing suite that has been used in big Hollywood productions is Lightworks.In its free version, you will get almost every feature which is good compared to paying a whole lot. It conveniently manages video recording and sophisticated editing, and its timeline allows you a high degree of control over how the audio and video files are trimmed and blended together.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is one of the free editing software with plants of features. It works both on Windows and Macs. The key features of the software include 180 visual effects, 2D- 3D effects, and much more. Although, the software has a premium version too you won’t be disappointed with its basic version.

Movie Maker Online

It is well known as the browser-based video editing platform. You can work on any video from anywhere. It’s absolutely free to use, you don’t have to log your information and your videos are not subject to any watermarks. The software offers timeline-based editing. However, the software shows a lot of ads, which can be a bummer for anyone.


Mac owners already have iMovie installed on their devices which is a good video editing software. In no possible way, you can say that the tool is not for professionals. The movie created with iMovie is very much sophisticated and clean. It has full touch bar support.

Best Paid Video Editors for Mac Users

If you’re professional then premium video software is a good option. Premium video editors tend to have perks that are not offered by free ones. Premium video editors are abundant with features like high-end hardware, high-quality effects, and much more. Not just this premium video editing software not only saves time but also creates a great video. Unlike free video editing software, there are no restrictions on premium ones. It supports various kinds of video formats. Below we are going to jot down the best-paid software for video editing for Macs users.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is one of the most promising paid video editors for Mac users. The software is designed to keep the needs of every Mac user out there. The software is compatible with Mac hardware. It drives their Processor and GPU multi-core to the limit. It is packed with features like magnetic timeline 2, enhanced timeline, and much more. Also, the software offers automatic audio synching. All in all, for experienced video editors, Final Cut Pro is a good alternative.


The second one on our list is Filmora. It is well known as one of the budget-friendly software for all video creators out there. The software is abundant with features like numerous effects, options for titling, audio controls, and much more. It also offers other features like motion tracking, color matching, etc. About the interface, it has a very intuitive interface.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe is already well known for its outstanding products. Premiere Pro is only available as a premium package for Adobe’s advanced products. If you prefer to look and work like a typical non-linear video editor with your video organization tools and particularly the timeline, the Adobe Premiere Pro CC is your guy. It provides a wide range of tools for audio editing and color correction, as well as effects, multi-format support, and much more.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Lastly, we have Adobe Premiere Elements which is one the finest software to simplify the process of making movie masterpieces. The software comes up with the quick mode where you can work instantly on any clips or videos. All you have to do is import all the videos on the timeline and start working on it. You can apply various transitions in a single video. Also, it offers a fix button, if you have any issue with image stabilization.

Does Apple Have Video Editing Software?

Now the question must be rising in your heads whether Apple offers any video editing software for its users. And the answer is yes, it provides easy video editing for Mac users. iMovie is Apple’s online video editing software. On most Macs, it comes pre-loaded and can be installed free of charge on iPhones and iPads. The software has a clean interface and offers various features like transition, split screens, and much more. The free version is more than enough for newbies or rookies. However, if you are professional then you can go for the paid version with no restrictions on any features.

Is Free Video Editing Software Good Enough?

Before giving try to free video editing for Windows and Macs, we often contemplate a lot. Actually, we have a fair share of our own experience while trying out this software. Most of the free software doesn’t let you remove their watermarks. However, not to forget over the years, videos made in Apple’s iMovie have wowed audiences at film festivals. Also, people with low budgets prefer to use iPhone to make perfectly decent movies. If you give consideration to some things like performance, exporting, and much more, there is free software worth giving a try. Free video editing software offers the functionality you need without forcing you to pay any money. However, it lacks some features.

How to Make Space for Video on your Mac?

Many times using video software means needing a lot of storage space. This software is huge and requires enough space for working properly. Before downloading this software on Mac, make enough space. Also, make sure that your Mac runs at its best pace because you’re going to use every ounce of power to render video. If there is a storage issue then you can clear it out by removing all the junk or unused files.

Final Thought

That’s all! Here we have provided a detailed guide on video editing programs for Macs. In direct or indirect ways everybody uses video editors. We know how overwhelming the process of finding the right video editing tool is. We spend days, months, exploring the best software which matches our needs. Considering all these we have compiled this guide. There are many GoPro video editing for Macs available in the market. We know for sure this software are with giving a try

So, what’s stopping you now? Try it out and let us know if we are missing anything in the comments sections

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