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Video editing for Windows

How to Edit a Video on Windows

Among the free options alone, there’s a lot of great software that you can use such as casual or professional software. Da Vinci resolves 16 offers some of the best video editings for windows software out there and is completely free. The options for transitions in the content you produce feel almost endless. There’s a media option that makes it very easy for you to drop the video files for what you actually need and edit the rest of the way through. There’s a great cutting option, getting rid of content that’s just filler, and an edit option where you can zoom in as well as add effects.

Adobe Premiere is a solid option and it is what a lot of popular YouTube channels use to make content on their channels. There is a reformatting option which is very convenient for people who don’t know that much about resolution or aspect ratio. If you’re working with other people to make a short movie, you can easily share the files without waiting for an email which saves a lot of time. Upgrading to the Pro version is going to give you Photoshop for making thumbnails, or audio options for making music with.

How to Edit a Video on Windows 7

Filmore is a great beginner software that will let you make good YouTube videos. You can go with a professional look and there are all kinds of graphics that will make it stand out from the standard video editing software or movie maker. Unfortunately, if you’re only using the free version, there is a watermark that you can’t get rid of until you upgrade to the paid version of the software. You can choose to fast forward or slow down certain moments so that the audience gets to appreciate your work at the pace that you decided to choose.

You can edit audio so that the sound can stay a lot more consistent in the final product. This also gives you the ability to raise the volume or lower the volume based on what you think sounds appropriate for your project. You can insert title cards so that the audience has more context for what they are looking at. You can use effects to add more to what the audience is looking at and give it a bit more pizazz than what it had before.

How to Do Video Editing on Windows 8

With Windows 8 Microsoft decided to give their customers movie moments to edit some casual content on. The layout is very easy to follow and it’s a great beginner tool to use on school projects or your first couple of YouTube videos. You have some key features such as inserting text or using transition slides to get whatever you want it’s very casual and won’t take nearly as long to finish your videos on other software. You can insert title slides to introduce yourself or the kind of content that you want to show off.

On Windows 8 you can download Wondershare, which is a much better option than the default software Microsoft has given you. It will take time to get used to, but it is ultimately a better tool to make the videos you want. Of course, you can import video files and edit those, but it will also let you record on the spot and edit that content immediately after. It lets you insert effects to make your content more unique and memorable to your audience. It also has great transition options to keep the audience invested as they watch the video.

How to Edit Video on Windows 10

Windows 10 has its own video editor. There is other free software that you can use however this in the meantime to develop some editing skills. It’s a great option when you’re starting on youtube, or you want to make a presentation for your class. Many of the tools you will need to serve a causal audience will be there, but there might not be much that you achieve beyond that.

As long as you have all the video files you need, you can make jump cuts and add filters whenever you want. Windows has added some of their own music if you don’t feel like adding some yourself. The music gives a wholesome feel to your videos which is what a lot of people need to make them more presentable. You can put in title cards so that the audience knows what to expect when you divide the project into sections. There are text options so that you can insert more context into what you’re showing at the moment.

How to Edit Videos on Windows Vista

You have the option of using Windows Movie Maker, but you can download the Wondershare video editor which is completely free. Not only does this editing software run better, but it has more options to take advantage of the content you want to edit.

With this editing software, you can press Ctrl+Z to undo any mistakes that you want to instantly erase. It’s a small edition, but it ends up saving you a lot of time when you’re editing long videos. You also get the option of deciding the aspect ratio for what you’re talking about. This is important because people want older works to be in their original 4:3 aspect ratio. Putting everything in widescreen stretches things out much more than they’re supposed to be. There are many more options for audio, you can have an intro and outro sequence along with changing the speed of the video to whatever you want.

How to Edit Videos on Windows XP

OpenShot is a great option for video editing software for beginners. It’s very easy to use and the layout makes everything very convenient so you don’t miss anything important. You can make really easy jump cuts and you can even use an option that has a custom preselected amount for when you make jump cuts. Also, you can start recording on the software so that you can make content on the fly. You can insert different audio, video, and image files, each of which can be edited on the software itself.

Wevideo is also a great software that XP users can get for free on the internet. You can edit images, video files, and all the audio you want to create the best experience. All of that is great even if you aren’t exclusively working on video projects. You can edit graphics on the software which is going to make things like title cards, credit sequences, You can also directly record commentary on the software so that you can give your own context to what the audience is currently looking at. It’s not the best of the best, but it’s great for people who want to make some amateur videos on it.

How to Edit a Video on Windows Media Player

Windows media player is the default video software on Windows XP but it’s a great option for a lot of people using XP. Firstly, you get the option of recording footage directly using the software. This means anything you want to show on your screen or a video game will be captured when you use this service. The software itself will give you some helpful tips when it comes to the instructions the average newcomer will need. It’s very easy to find the files you want to import and edit audio or video at a fast speed.

When it comes to the tools that let you edit, the media player has more than what most people would expect. You have different effects and transitions which are a lot of fun to play with to make a good experience producing a video. Unfortunately, there aren’t many and your audience will get bored of the different effects because they will begin to repeat themselves. You can scale the audio to whatever you feel is appropriate as well as see whatever you are editing as an accurate representation of the final product.

How to Edit Videos on Windows Movie Maker

Windows 7 has its own editing software called “Windows Movie Maker”. With this software, you will be able to edit very average videos. If you’re looking to make a gameplay video or make some commentary over another video then you may choose this software.

Windows 7 Movie Maker lets you drop in different video and photo files to show off whatever you want in your video. You can rotate whatever you want to show your audience for the sake of creativity. You can add your webcam when you’re talking in the video so that the audience has more context as to what you’re looking for. Of course, you can use cuts and filters to make the video more artistic while also saving time in the aspects that really matter This isn’t amazing for professional videos, but Movie Maker allows the user to make harmless and casual content.

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