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Travel vlog: How to start

Travel vlog is easy to make and maintain if all the points mentioned below are kept in mind.

Travel Vlog Intro

There are many people who love to travel and explore different places. So, if you are one who is also fond of traveling then you can create a family travel vlog. This will help others to know more about different places. It is possible that after visiting your vlog others might get inspired to visit the place for which you have made a vlog.

You as a vlogger need to make videos so that each and everything that is beautiful is captured in your video. Capture beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, monuments, mountains, etc. so that others enjoy watching the video. Do not keep the video too long otherwise the person will get bored. The travel vlog video needs to be short and made to give clear views about the place that you visited. Such vlogs can only be made by a person who loves nature and loves to explore different places. So, if you think you have in you do not wait and do let your passion fade away.

Travel Vlog Ideas

For your vlog to look presentable there are many things that should be kept in mind. You need to incorporate a few good ideas to make your vlog interesting so that it is to watch again and again. First of all, do not try to film everything around. This will save a lot of time and the person watching will also enjoy it.

The videos made should be such that they should capture all the places and activities that are held in that place. Moreover, it is also important that the video should be short and should cover all the things that you enjoyed and want others to enjoy it as well. If the video is long the viewer will lose interest in it. You can even show yourself so that it gives a personal touch. Including other people like locals and tourists will also be great.

The camera should not shake too much otherwise the video will not be good. You always need to start the video with gives a bigger picture of the place. Do not film when there is a lot of noise around. This might disturb you are a maker of video and person watching it will also not like. To get other helpful tips you can watch vlogs made by other vloggers. Incorporate these ideas in your vlog to make it different, unique, and admirable. Share ideas if you have with others.

Travel Vlog Name                    

Naming your vlog is important as many things are dependent on it. The name should be such that it grabs the attention of people. For this, you can get ideas from magazines, books, websites, and by growing through numerous travel-related sites. To make your vlog popular the name should be selected and kept with makes sense and is different as well.

If you are not able to figure out the name you can opt for a blog generator. Try to go through the blog names of a few travel-related vlogs. You can even try playing with words. It is possible that you might come up with a totally different name. While you are naming vlogs you need to avoid using hyphens, numbers, and misspellings. The name kept should b simple and short. The best way would be to make vlogs using your name by combining it with a travel-related word. You can also think out of the box and come up with a vlog name that is creative and unique.

Travel Vlog Equipment

You need to carry many types of equipment so that the fun and excitement of making a video remains. Choosing the right camera is very important. Do not think that the best cameras are available at high rates. You can get good video quality even if the camera falls in the medium range. For this, you will need to do some research to get the best one. If the camera is lightweight it would be better. There are some cameras that are designed keeping in mind travel vloggers. These cameras would be great to use. Another important thing is buying and carrying a good external microphone so that you can be heard clearly even in windy weather.

Carry a windshield for the microphone. Using it will not disturb the audio even in extreme weather conditions. The action camera is also a must as it will help you when you are not able to hold the camera in your hand. You also need to carry a mini tripod. This will play a role similar to the selfie stick or gimbal. Buy the one that is light and easy to use and carry. If you do not have any of these types of equipment mentioned above you can buy it and start to use it. Do not let your vlogging be hindered in any manner, so do not miss out on any of these types of equipment.

Best Travel Vlog Camera

Without a good camera, you will not be able to make a good film. Thus, choosing a camera is vital and should be purchased keeping in mind many things. Lots of cameras are available in shops from where you can buy the one that is the best. Size, weight, microphone, lens, and handle all are very important. So, whenever choosing a camera keep all these things in mind. If the camera is compact it will be easier for you to carry during your trip. Look for the ones that are compact so that it is easy to use as well.

Popular brands such as Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus are some of the best vlogging cameras. These cameras can be purchased online or from shops. You can do your own search to find out the camera that is good for travel-related vlogs. Do not take the hasty decision and take your own time to find the correct one for you. You can also seek advice from a friend who has been using the camera for many years. You can also ask the shopkeeper and buy the one based on his guidance and suggestion. It is not tough to buy a camera meant for vlogging if you do your homework before buying one for yourself.

How to Edit a Travel Vlog

To make your vlog interesting you need to edit it. By editing the vlog it will look presentable and there will be more hits on your vlog. There are software’s that you can use and edit the vlog. To create a slow-motion you can make use of a video shop. You can use unfold tool to add artistic and unique templates to your stories.

Editing can be done using the Magisto app which will help you to crop and will also help you to apply filters and effects. KineMaster will help in editing frame by frame so that better clarity can be attained. To upload your video you need to take the help of Inshot. This will upload video instantly. There are other ways to improve the way your vlog looks. Try to learn more about other techniques to get the vlog that you like.

Travel Vlog Music

Music is an essential part of any vlog. Without music, you will not like to see the vlog. A vlog without music will also not excite the viewer of the vlog so the interest will be lost very soon. A good vlogger will always put the music in such a manner that it will make the vlog interesting.

There are many sites from where you can download the music and add it to your vlog. You can see whether the music goes well with the theme or not. If not you can search for other options in it. To make the vlog more interesting you can change the music after twenty seconds to keep the interest intact. Soothing music will be able to grab more attention so do not ignore the music at any cost. To get the best music for your vlog you can hear some of the music tracks and then finalized one for your vlog. The music that you select should not be too slow or too fast. Choose the music based on the video clip that is going on.

Youtube Travel Vloggers

You can only make a vlog about travel if you have passion and love traveling and filming. The links below are of three popular travel vloggers. You can see their vlogs and enjoy them. Their passion and love of traveling can be felt by watching their vlogs. There are many vloggers that are doing great work and are admired across the universe. A lot of patience is required as the traffic to your vlog will only be there if the quality is maintained. Watch the vlogs of these vloggers and you will come to know why they fall in the topmost categories.

The information provided will be of immense help to you and will guide you in many ways.

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