Why do people enjoy vlogs

Top 8 reasons why many people enjoy vlogs

You may have seen people making videos about their daily lives on YouTube. You may have also noticed that a handful of these people have a huge following, similar to that of a celebrity. “These are normal people, living normal lives, just like you and me,” you wonder, “apart from the fact that they carry a camera around wherever they go!” Do you have friends who eagerly wait for a video from their favorite YouTuber? And why do people enjoy vlogs?” If you are someone who has frequently asked these questions, then you will find your answers here!

What is Vlogger?

Simply put, a vlogger is basically a person who creates short videos about his/her daily life or other topics that interest them such as travel, food, makeup, education, health and many more. They then proceed to upload these videos on social media platforms such as YouTube. Vloggers often don’t restrict their content to being purely informative, but instead try to make it rather fun and engaging, with hopes of attracting a wider audience.

A vlogger who regularly uploads video blogs on YouTube is known as a YouTuber. You don’t really need a special camera to vlog, although most YouTubers have one. You can even create vlogs using a good-quality smartphone. However, although anyone who owns a smartphone or a camera can become a YouTuber, not all YouTubers end up becoming famous. But the ones that do may take up vlogging full time! Did you know that for many top vloggers, YouTube is their main source of income? Who knew that YouTube could fetch you so much money?!

Why is vlogging so popular?

You may wonder why vlogging has suddenly become so popular. Back in those days when YouTube was non-existent, who would’ve even imagined that a handful of people in the next generation would be living off of a video platform? Whose parents would have guessed that their kids would one day, dream of becoming a vlogger?

Creating a vlog is purely a personal choice and there are many reasons why people may choose to start one. Apart from entertaining their viewers, most vloggers are keen on spreading a message which they think would benefit their viewers. It is surprising to see how a majority of YouTubers treat their subscribers like family, often communicating or connecting with them on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Vloggers who have a niche and are passionate about doing what they do often become most successful. As crazy as it may sound, YouTube pays a lot and some people may get into vlogging just to make money. Successful vloggers such as PewDiePie make millions from their videos. But getting to their level isn’t easy and requires a considerable amount of time, commitment, dedication, and hard work.

What makes vlogs so enjoyable?

“Why are so many people around the world so obsessed with watching vlogs?” you ask. 2020 statistics have shown that a whooping 44% of internet users globally watch vlogs every month, with 53% of them being youngsters aged between 16-24 years. 

Here we have the top 8 reasons why many people enjoy vlogs:

1. They are entertaining

Everybody loves a dose of humor and entertainment once in a while! Laughing at your favorite vloggers goof around after a long, busy day sounds like the perfect way to relax, doesn’t it? Before the birth of YouTube, people mostly relied on movies for entertainment. Of course, we still have Netflix to keep us occupied over the weekend!

However, Vidyard statistics have shown that viewers are more likely to stay engaged when the videos are short and sweet. Vlogs are comparatively shorter than movies, which is one of the many reasons why so many people are attracted to vlogs. Most famous YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Lilly Singh make short, engaging videos that are so entertaining that they constantly have people coming back to their channel for more!

2. They are inspirational and influential

There is no doubt that vloggers inspire people with their videos. Whether it is a travel vlog or an informative vlog covering the latest news and social issues, good vlogs with unique content never fail to inspire and impress! Some vloggers especially make an effort to share positive thoughts, discuss mental health issues, and spread a positive message on a day-to-day basis.

Did you know that a daily dose of positivity from your favorite YouTuber could actually help improve your mood and contribute to your well-being? YouTubers are influencers after all and when their content influences their viewers in a positive manner, it not only helps them grow but also helps their audiences grow with them!

3. They help bring like-minded people together

Building a community of like-minded people is what makes vlogging so popular! You may have many friends, but how often do you come across people who share the same tastes and interests as you? Vlogs on the other hand, attract people from different corners of the globe and help keep them connected!

Vloggers also sometimes create groups outside the YouTube platform such as Discord or Telegram where people from all over the world who share similar interests can network, interact and exchange ideas with each other. Many YouTubers also arrange for Meet and Greet sessions which allow their subscribers to meet each other in person. Who knows? You may someday end up finding your soulmate or making a friend for life!

4. They allow people to openly share their stories

Most vloggers, at least once during their vlogging journey open up about their personal lives. Some vloggers who have a personal vlog choose to do this on a regular basis, in turn supporting and encouraging people to share their own personal stories or traumatic childhood memories which they have kept within them for since long. This is one way in which vlogs serve as a release and give people an opportunity to speak up. Sharing personal stories and receiving empathy and support helps people realize they are not alone. Vlogs in this way act as stress buster and help improve mental health.

5. They are a great source of knowledge

For some people, YouTube may not just be a place to seek entertainment, but also a medium to gain knowledge. Apart from vloggers who merely focus on entertaining their audiences, there are others who aim to educate and inform their viewers regarding societal issues, day-to-day happenings or niche-related topics such as science, travel, food etc.

Regularly watching vlogs helps people gain an insight into topics they may have least known about or never even heard of! So, if you wish to learn something new, why not pause your Netflix show and log onto YouTube instead?

6. They help people discover new places

We all love to travel the world, don’t we? Watching a travel vlogger vlog his journey may help people get a glimpse into some of the most beautiful and scenic places on earth! “But wait, why would we want to stick around and watch someone else travelling, when we can cover these places ourselves?” you may wonder. Well, it is obviously impossible to cover all the places on our bucket list within our short lifespan. Vlogs clearly help people see, experience and discover many new and interesting places through the eyes of their favorite travel vlogger!

7. They are relatable

Vloggers often make content that may resonate with different people on different levels. The vlog content that you most relate with may appeal to you the most. This relatable content can be anything ranging from jokes and incidents to illnesses. At the end of the day, it makes us feel like we aren’t alone in our journey through life, although we may not know anyone else in our everyday lives who may have experienced the same things as us. Overall, vlogs make people feel more accompanied, more human, and more connected.

8. They help make a difference

Vloggers communicate with their viewers about various issues that are concerning them and the general public alike. In other words, they voice their opinions and strive to make an impact. These issues can be anything ranging from gender discrimination and poverty to global warming. By watching these vlogs, we too can be a part of the change!

What is better: Blogging or Vlogging?

Both blogging and vlogging are unique in their own way! Most people may however prefer vlogging over blogging since they may find it easier to make videos than write. Vlogging is also considered to be an easier source of money than blogging, making people prefer it more. “Should I start a blog?” you ask. Well, the answer is definitely a YES! If you’re a beginner, it is always best to start by becoming a blogger. Once you get a hang of it, you can proceed to start a vlog on YouTube! As the saying goes, if you want to start something, don’t wait around, do it NOW!

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