Tips to setting up your vlog background

Making YouTube videos or vlogs are trickier than you think. You have to consider so many things before you set out with your video camera. As your goal is to attract more viewers, you have to be careful about the setting. Let’s talk about the tips on your next YouTube vlog.

What is the best background for YouTube videos depends on a niche?

Travel Youtube Vlog Backdrop

If you are a travel vlogger then your task is to bring the news of beautiful places to your fans. You can put the videos of the place you have visited in the background. Also, you can make a video while you are traveling to a particular place. You can post the same later when you edit it perfectly with the music and more edits. You can choose murals as the background for vlog. Your viewers will be able to see the pictures of those places you have last visited. Also, they will learn about the breath-taking adventure you had.

FunForLouis channel: Have you ever checked the vlogs of Louis Cole? If not, you must check his page on YouTube. He is an avid traveler and got married some time ago. He posts one of the best travel vlogs. You will love the vlog ideas he has. He often uses mural, but his backdrop is mainly his garage. He also posts the travel areas as his background. This seems livelier and filled with more information.

DIY and Creative YouTube Vlog Backdrop

Do it yourself and creative vlogs are more appreciated by viewers. You can use different murals, floral wallpaper, and much more. You can check Pinterest and you will get varied ideas. You can put a space mural, constellation, leaf patterns, watercolor paintings, and so on. These will create a beautiful background when you start the camera. Also, if you start the video depicting how you have put the mural on the wall, it will be a big hit. A fresh, stylish vlog background will attract more viewers.

DKDKTV channel: If you are interested in the Korean music video, or Kdrama reviews, or various other South Korean topics, then you can check DKDKTV vlogs. This is a channel made by two brothers Danny Kim and David Kim. You will love the way they represent their videos. They often choose their home as the vlog background. They use paintings and murals in the backdrop, or just a white wall adorned with framed pictures. As they engage their viewers with their interesting content and they speak English, they also choose the best backgrounds for their vlogs. You can check out their creativity in the outside videos as well.

Fashion and Beauty Vlog Backdrop

If you are a beauty or fashion blogger then your first goal is to show your clothing collection or make-up sets that you bought recently. You can use murals in the background and use images of models, or drag queens. You can show your latest buys in the background or your beautiful closet. Brick wallpapers are very popular these days, as it gives a neutral vibe. Also, it will bring out the classy atmosphere in your vlog.

Logo or Brand Video Background

You have your company or business videos to make, and for that stylish backdrop works perfectly. You will get more vlog background ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. You can mix a modern and aesthetic style for the background. Put your company logo and portray that with color and different patterns. You have to keep the atmosphere business-like yet more approachable. You can use step and repeat background with the logo, and this will make an interesting feature too. You can promote your company or its products very easily this way.

Sports Vlog Backdrops

You can celebrate different sports events in your vlog, and for the video, you can put your favorite team flag. You can also use slogan words as the background. You can make a blueprint of your favorite stadium for a trendy and sophisticated feature. Make it perfect with an action figure of your beloved sportsman or woman. This will give your fellow sports lover to cheer on the game.

Custom Video Background

You can use a custom background with collage pictures, your photographs, paintings, and different artworks as well. You can put any background you like, just make the content interesting and informative. You can also put the brand image, and the message you want to convey can display in the background. You will find different examples of custom vlog backgrounds on YouTube.

Lilly Singh channel: For interesting content and innovative vlog backgrounds you can check out Lily Singh’s videos. She’s known as the Super Woman. She is the favorite of teens, as she posts one of the best videos, and she has her talk show. Her videos are very popular with millions of views. You will see that her video backgrounds are custom made and she choose different styles for her each video. She hardly repeats her vlog backgrounds, and that is another reason her viewers love her videos.

How to make a good YouTube background?

You can make your YouTube backgrounds with different elements. You just have to get ideas from a different place like social media and other YouTube vlogs. Let’s check out the things you can use to make the background.


You can use clothes as your backdrop. Have a pretty curtain or just a white sheet at the back will do the work. You can use solid colors and decent prints as the backdrop. You will get these things online or from your local store easily. You can check your closet, and you will find a linen curtain or sheet, use that. Blankets also work perfectly, and you can hang them with a garment rack. After the backdrop is set, you can start the video.

Fairy lights

For your youtube vlog background, you can adorn the backdrop with pretty looking fairy lights. You must have used them to decorate your home or balcony. Now use them for your vlog background. You will find different styles like paper lights, candles, lanterns, lava lamps, and many more. Make use of the fairy lights you already have at home and place them in the background. If you are filming the video in your room, having a lava lamp on the bedside table will give a decent look. Also if you have adorned the room with string lights, you will get a compliment from your viewers.

Picture collage

You must have several photos lying around in your home, why not use them as your background? They can be the picture of your friends, family, or from your childhood. Use them in a string and hang them in the background. This will give a personal touch to the video. You can highlight the same with fairy lights, and make the background focus on the pictures only. You have to remove every other thing from the background.

Display closet

For beauty and fashion vloggers as mentioned earlier, you can use your beautiful closet as the background. This will show the things you already have the ones you have recently bought. You can also take out clothes or accessories from behind and show them in the video.


Use flowers for your YouTube vlog. You have to keep the decor clean, and decent for this. The flowers will give a fresh and elegant touch to the video. You can also use nature as your backdrop. Film the video in your garden or use faux grass on the walls. The color green will suit the very well with the videos.


You can use your bedroom or sitting place as the background. Many vloggers use this background and it gives a personal touch to the video. You can put a few cushions, books, and paintings as the backdrop and you will be ready to shoot.

How to put a background on my webcam?

You can use different software to put a background on your webcam. You can use apps that supports your camera. You will get some applications from Microsoft or you can download a convenient software for the background. These will blur the background, and even if you had a disheveled room, it will not show when you are making your vlog. You can search for the webcam background apps on Google and you will get free services as well. If you are looking for a custom background you can use Canva, photo stock, or Shutter images.

How to put a virtual background on a video?

If you want a virtual background for your YouTube vlog, you can use different software.

Microsoft software: You can get a blurred background with this software. This will hide the dirty laundry behind you. You can use this to make your vlogs and you can add virtual images too.

Chroma Cam: This is a Windows-based app, and you can use it easily with your desktop. This works very well with the webcam, and you can pair it with other Windows programs. You can change the background when you record the videos. You can use the virtual green effect as the backdrop, or any other image you require for the vlog. You can add your company logo to it. This works for MAC as well.

Make your YouTube vlogs interesting and catchy with beautiful and innovative backgrounds. Also, before you start filming, let’s take a look at the above-mentioned tips.

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