This is how to structure a vlog

When you talk of vlogging and big hits such as Sara Dietschy, Casey Neistat, or Peter McKinnon, you might be tempted to become a vlogger. Vlogging or video blogging is one of the simplest ways to creating content through video. As a beginner, knowing what you need to vlog and how to vlog is essential. Knowing the narrative structure of a daily vlog is the fundamental aspect of vlogging. So, how to structure a vlog? In this article, you will understand the vlog structure and content to start your vlogging.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog or video blog is the video form of what you write in a blog post. The 2 primary styles of vlogging include a talking head with a tripod set camera. In this type, the vlogger speaks regarding a specific subject. The other style is follow-me-around style vlogging. In this type, the vlogger is taking his or her camera all along and film some clips about their week or day.

Why Do You Need a Structure to Vlog?

A vlog structure will create a flow to the vlog with an exciting beginning, a streaming middle, and an amazing ending. A vlog structure is a blend of good vlog content, quality, and style. A good structure puts the content in place organized and in a flow to keep their audience hooked to your vlog.

Types of Vlog Content

Vlogging can be done on different types of vlog content.

Some of the popular ones include:

  • Daily vlogging
  • Travel vlogging
  • Tech vlogging
  • Informative vlogging
  • Motivational vlogging
  • Educational vlogging
  • Opinion Vlogging
  • Music Vlogging

The Structure of a Vlog

When you want to vlog, as a beginner, it is very essential to have two main things, good vlog content and the right structure. Vlogging style varies from one person to another and the type of vlogs he or she is making. However, the fundamental format remains the same for any type of vlogging.


This includes your introduction, what you do, and a brief intro or re-intro to your channel to the audience. Make it a snappy one.

Story template establishment

It is possible to take the help of another creative person to inspire you in your creativity from a similar field. One of the approaches is the story-telling methodologies used in movies. It should however refrain from drama and script. A general story-telling template has 3 primary parts. They have variant plot points. You can use some sneak peeks that will be shown later in the vlogisode. A little time-lapse in the beginning can add in a curious element. Having a blueprint is best which can be slotted accordingly during your edit.

Present your mini-story

Narrate your first story point or any catchy event. All stories come with a start, middle, and conclusion. You can share or present your relevant video footage which explains what you were doing, what you were about to do, and what you did.

Filming on-camera, it’s fine when nothing goes right in a single take. Do not hesitate to go for more takes until you feel right. Jumps cuts are popular in vlogging. This is a casual vlog and you are good doing so. Edit and make a mini-story interesting.


It is important to sustain your story in motion and to make it to the next point. Transitions can be done by telling on-camera about the next thing or add a cinematic touch like cool speed ramps or time lapses or B-roll on the events or a new scene set up. Move your viewers to the next beat with your narrative.

Editing transitions are employed with purpose. Do not add them for flair and style but to help your story. You can do a little experimenting with the dissolving effect or star wipe or zoom in/out. The transition helps in blending 2 related stories.

Repeat the above steps of mini-story and transitions as per the requirement

Also, You can add in as many mini-stories or scenes as per your wish. This is the lovely part of vlogging.


You should be finishing off with a type of resolution. This is the final moment where you make a point after your video. Here you can invite your viewers for an interaction.

Sign off

This is the ending part of the vlog where you thank your viewers and ask them to subscribe and so on. You ask them for your feedback with a thumbs up. Make a signature sign-off that puts you in a unique line with your audience. Invite them to watch and share with their friends.

This is how I figure out the structure of the vlog. The above format is fundamental to any type of vlogging. However, your creativity, charm, and content have to be imbibed to make your vlog unique and interesting. With time you shall have a content flow. The format can be altered with your daily content and quality. Remember to set your goals and be realistic about what you want to achieve. Have fun vlogging and create content that draws the audience while satisfying your work.

Vlog Content

Vlogging content and type is generally selected depending on what type of audience you are targeting. You need to select wisely and stick to it. The channel’s central theme is what drives the content and the channel.

Some of the popular vlogging contents that are popular on the internet are:

Featuring your subscriber- Featuring your audience shows your interest and their value to the channel. If the subscriber lives nearby where you can go and vlog a day with them is like an appreciation to all your audience. It shows how grateful you are for having loyal subscribers.

A FAQ video- Engaging and interacting with your audience/subscribers is equally important. This can be best done by doing a FAQ video. Compile the most exciting, crucial, and funny questions in a video and post it.

Try new- Doing new and exciting that has not been done earlier is another good content. Candid reactions and unscripted scenes will keep your viewers interested. Authentic vlogging will grab a good viewership. This can be a sport, food, event, or any experience.

Others- Try showing what’s in your closet, bag, or interviewing someone or tutorial videos or talking about some issues or trending challenges or so on.


You can become a successful vlogger with proper knowledge of how to structure a vlog. The key components are having good vlog content and structuring it properly. Applying the above-mentioned format and content ideas, you are sure to get a kick start to vlogging.

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