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This is how to create an educational vlog

Vlogging has become one of the most lucrative and great ways to make money. Vlog is nothing but the video blogs that a person can create. It can be on different topics. Here are going to discuss the educational vlog. Educational blogs have become quite a popular one because there are many people around the world who want to get educated and learn different things. As these vlogs are free to watch and don’t need anything other than a device and an internet connection, everyone can have access to it. Also, for vloggers, this can be a great way to make great money. How? Read on to know more.

What is an Educational Vlog?

The educational video blogs or edu-vlogs are created just for educational purposes. A video blog that helps you to learn about something or a certain topic is termed an educational vlog. These vlogs can be about any subject, be it technical or travel vlog for educational purposes. A person, no matter what his/her age is, can take the help of these vlogs and learn different things.

If you have thought of making educational vlogs, then you have to first assess what you are good at. Is it the technical things or mathematics or elementary education? Whatever you are good at, you can start educating people with the help of the educational vlog. Below, we have discussed how you can create these vlogs and what you will need for that.

How to Create an Educational Vlog?

You can create the educational vlogs in 4 different ways. These are:

  1. Set up the board: This is the traditional way that most online educators use for online educational classes. Here you have to have a board and a camera in the front on the tripod. The educator will be in front of the camera writing things on the board and explaining everything. The entire process will be recorded on the camera. Once it is recorded, it can be edited according to the needs, and then it can be uploaded on the channel.
  2. PPT presentation/Animation: The next way to create an educational vlog is by PPT or Power-Point presentation. Here you have to create slides with the help of the essential software. Here, you can add pictures, animations, texts, and more that are essential for education. Once the PPT is completed, you can edit it in form of a video with your voiceover in it explaining and educating your viewers.
  3. Digital pen tablet: This is one of the most modern and high-tech ways of creating educational vlogs for your viewers. You can get a digital pen tablet from the market easily. It works pretty much like the blackboard or the whiteboard but in the digital form. You can also record whatever you are writing or doing on the screen with the screen recorder. You can upload the recorded video with the voiceover as your vlog. This is quite similar to that of the board one but much better when it comes to clarity.
  4. Green screen: it is another advanced method that can also be used for an educational vlog. Here, you have to use a green screen at the back while you are facing the camera. The green screen can be replaced with any background that you will want. You can even add some pictures or cutouts that are relevant and necessary for the education. In this case, the editing part is the most essential one and can take longer.

So, these are the 4 ways by which you can create educational vlog content for your channel. You can opt for one of these processes or you can switch between these based on your contents.

Top 5 Educational Vloggers

If you are thinking about starting your own educational vlog, then you can take help or example from the top educational vloggers out there. As vlogging has become quite popular, you can find many successful and popular vloggers. Some of the best examples of educational vloggers are:


TED-Ed is one of the most popular and successful educational vlogs that you can find on YouTube. Even they have their own website. With the help of some impeccable animated videos, this channel provides amazing knowledge and education about different things. They have curated each and every video very carefully keeping in mind people’s interests. Even they collaborate with some best animators and educators to get the best-in-class videos.


CrashCourse is another top educational channel that has some great educational videos on different subjects like chemistry, history, literature, ecology, biology, and many more. All the videos are short and very engaging at the same time. They use the animation method to make the videos. It can help people to learn a lot of different things under one channel. It is quite interesting and interactive too.


PatrickJMT is one of the inspirational vloggers about education who solves questions and queries regarding mathematics and physics. Whether you want to know more about physics or mathematics, he can help you with some of the most complicated methods in the easiest way. With more than a million subscribers, the video creator is really a great educator. He uses the green screen or digital pen technology to make people educate about the subjects.

CGP Grey

CGP Grey channel started in 2010 and since then, it has come a long way. This is an educational channel that provides classes on different subjects like technology, history, philosophy and politics. They have more than 4 million subscribers now and each of the videos is viewed by millions of people all around the world. It is a great channel that can help you to get some great ideas about your own channel.

Khan Academy

With more than 6 million subscribers, Khan Academy has a mission of providing the best education to everyone for free. They provide interactive practices and help students in different subjects like chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, finance, economics, and grammar. With the best-in-class educators and top-quality technology, the videos of this channel are quite easy to follow and get through.

How to Make Money with an Education Vlog

The main purpose of creating vlogs is to make money besides educating people.

  • Advertisements: The most important way to make money is by advertisements. YouTube ads are the most obvious ways that can help in monetizing the vlog. You can even use banner ads that can help you to make money. But to get better ads or money for ads, you have to focus on increasing the subscribers and views of your videos.
  • Sponsorships/Paid Posts: You can also earn money by paid posts and sponsorships. You can sometimes upload videos that are sponsored by a company or brand. These are called paid posts as you will be paid for uploading that video. Sponsored videos where you sponsor one of the brands or products in your video can help you to make money. It can be anything that you are sponsoring but it has to be related to the topic you are talking about. It must be something relevant so that people can believe you.
  • Selling products: Of course, you can sell customized merchandise and products for raising money. This can be a great way to monetize your vlogs. All you have to do is to market the brand and make sure people know about it.
  •  Affiliate links: Affiliate sponsorships are the easiest ones to land. But they bring lesser money than that of the sponsored posts. You can find a particular brand or product that you can promote in your video. Apply for the affiliate program under one of the most reliable sites. Get an affiliate link and post that in your video description. When a person clicks on that link and buys something, you will get a certain amount from that.

Educational Vlog Equipment

Educational vlogging doesn’t require much equipment and tools. You will need some of the basic things such as:

Camera: Of course you will need the best camera for an educational vlog as you have to be sure that the viewers can see what you are writing on the board. If they cannot see as the picture quality is bad, then your video will be a complete waste.

Digital pen tablet: If you want to make an interactive e digital educational video, then this is one of the most important equipments that you will need. You can find the best one in the market.

Microphone: No doubt, a microphone is important for recording your voice for the video. Most of the camera comes with in-built microphone. But to get better clarity and crisp sound, you need a microphone.

Editing software: Once the video is all done, you have to edit the video before you can upload it online. Editing is important where you can crop, cut, and add whatever you want before the final video is ready.


This is all about the educational vlog and how to make money with an educational vlog. You can get some of the ideas from here and start your own vlog soon. You have to be consistent and dedicated for sure. Then, you can manage and achieve the goal. Hopefully, the suggestions and tips provided can help you to start vlogging on your own.

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