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This is how long a vlog should be

There is no particular rule regarding how long is a vlog. In fact, vloggers are always advised to make their videos as long as it will be possible to maintain the interest of the viewers out there. For instance, a fashion YouTuber can create a vlog regarding a shopping day which can be approximately 5 -10 minutes in duration depicting everything that was purchased by him and why.

In case the vlog time is extended to 30 minutes, the viewers might lose their interest and click on another video.

It is important to experiment while trying to find out the ideal length of a vlog. Try various lengths of videos and find out how your viewers are responding to them. Are the longer videos helping you to get more comments and likes? If it is so, continue making videos of longer duration.

How Long to Vlog on Social Media?

It is a fact that all social media sites are different, and therefore, 2 video lengths likewise should not be the same.

Below, we have mentioned the ideal video length on different social media sites out there.

Instagram Video Length

It will be a sensible idea to make the length of vlogs on Instagram approximately 30 seconds. Even though the platform will provide you with as many as 60 seconds, it will be better to keep the video length shorter than that given.

Make sure to cover the key message within the initial 15 seconds when it comes to Instagram Stories ads and video ads.

It is possible for the videos to be 10 minutes in length for IGTV (Instagram TV). However, larger brands might request the video limit to be enhanced to one hour.

When it comes to Instagram Live Videos, simply go on filming after hitting the record. In case you are able to roll for a longer time, you will be able to attract a larger audience. Although the maximum length is only one hour, it will be feasible to start one more live broadcast following the present one. Shoot for a minimum of 10 minutes; however, longer will be better in this case.

Facebook Video Length

The typical length of any successful Facebook vlog tends to be approximately 25 to 90 seconds. Even though Facebook videos are entitled to roll for as many as 4 hours, it is suggested for you not to use that much time.

On the other hand, when it comes to Facebook Stories, the user-generated videos are going to expire after 24 hours and these cannot exceed more than 20 seconds. We suggest putting the best part of information during the initial 10 seconds for Facebook ads although these can likewise be 4 hours in duration.

Facebook Live will be a fantastic way to interact with clients in real-time. It will be possible to broadcast for as many as 4 hours and in case the video runs for a longer duration there is a greater possibility for individuals to discover it. Just ensure that these are not less than 10 minutes in length for getting the best results.

LinkedIn Video Length

Vlogs on LinkedIn should run between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, and a maximum of 10 minutes will be permitted. The viewers on this social media platform will not be your standard social media surfers. They are actually professionals at work having more time to digest. Almost 70% of the business executives on LinkedIn assert that online videos are watched by them every week.

In case you are running video ads on LinkedIn, it is recommended for you to make them shorter. The ideal length will be 15 seconds in this case.

YouTube Video Length

The duration of the vlogs on YouTube related to business should be no more than 2 minutes. Although it is possible for YouTube video’s length to be as many as 12 hours. But, there is not much demand for these types of videos for the majority of the branded content.

It is suggested that the duration of the video ads on YouTube should be between 15 seconds and 20 seconds in case you are making use of pre-roll ads, and only 6 seconds for the bumper ads which are actually meant for promoting brand awareness.

Twitter Video Length

Vlogs on Twitter should not be more than 45 seconds in duration. Although it is possible for them to be as long as 2 minutes.

Pinterest Video Length

Vlogs on Pinterest should be up to 30 seconds in length unless they are a demo or an explainer. Pinterest is a platform where individuals try to find how-to answers just like YouTube. Although it is possible for demos to be as much as 30 minutes in length on this platform, you should not take advantage of this.

Will it be a Sensible Idea to Split Up YouTube Videos?

Watch time is extremely important for ranking your vlog on YouTube. It is advisable to put all the information in one particular video instead of several smaller ones. However, this will not be the most effective course of action in all cases. When the viewer is searching for some particular information, it can be quite difficult for him to come across that small bit of information in a video spanning one hour. Moreover, while seeing the video which is one hour in length, they might not click on it as well. It is also possible for the video not to appear in the search results on a particular topic. Because of these reasons, we recommend for you make a single long video, and also release several shorter clips separately on some selected topics.

How Long Should a Vlog Intro Be?

Now that you have some idea regarding how long can youtube videos be, it is time for you to understand the suggested length for a vlog into.

It will be sensible to make the vlog intro shorter than 5 to 8 seconds because it is important to introduce the topic that will be covered in the video as quickly as possible.

The majority of individuals who are searching for the vlog will be interested in learning about the topic and not you. Therefore, it will be imperative to maintain a short introduction that will tell precisely the video’s outcome.

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