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The top 20 vlogging niches that make the most money

Vlogs i.e. Video Blogs are one of the most convenient and smart ways for bloggers to get connected with people. The popularity of these vlogs is increasing every day and you can see that there are many such videos on YouTube. As we all know, visual media like videos and images can help people to relate and get emotionally more attached. Hence, viewers love to watch the vlogs more than reading the blogs. Also, it helps the bloggers to convey their messages to the viewers and connect in a better way. Besides all these, vlogging can also help in making a lot of money through YouTube. Are you wondering which vlogging niches make the most money? Read on to know more.

Top 20 most profitable niches for vlogging

There are many niches that are quite popular. If you want to start vlogging, then you have to know your area of expertise first. Vlogging is all about good content. The niche can be something popular or even something off-beat. But the content must be good and interesting to the audiences so that they can engage to your videos. Here are the top 20 best vlogging niches that are quite popular on YouTube or other social media:

1. Gadget & Technology Reviews

One of the most profitable niches for vlogging is reviews of gadgets and technologies. Here you have to review the newly announced or released gadgets and technologies. It is not limited to physical goods only like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more. It can be any application or software too. People who have an interest in the latest techs and gadgets or who are looking to buy a new gadget will look for these videos. If you manage to get thousands or millions of views, you can easily make $1000 from 4 to 5 videos. Top YouTube bloggers of tech and gadget reviews can make thousands of dollars from a single video.

Top Tech & Gadget Review channel on YouTube:

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) is one of the most popular YouTube channels that provide quality videos on technology, consumer electronics, and gadgets. This channel was created back in the year 2008. He offers in-depth reviews of the latest and popular gadgets and techs in the market.

2 . Travel Vlogging

Travel vlog is one of the most popular and amazing vlogging niches. Almost everyone loves to travel the world but not everyone can do it for several reasons. Be it whether they want to see some unexplored places in different corners of the world or to check the places before visiting there, people watch a lot of travel vlogs. If you love traveling and want to explore some of the famous as well as unexplored areas around the world, this is the best niche for you. But you have to invest some money for the best cameras, gears and accommodations for your starting videos. These videos can gain a lot of views on different social media platforms.

Top Travel vlog channel on YouTube:

Hey Nadine is one of the biggest and most popular travel vlogging channels on YouTube. Apart from upload travel vlogs, she also uploads videos regarding travel advice, tips, and best travel hacks and guides.

3. Product Unboxing Vlogs

Another quite popular and profitable vlogging niche is unboxing videos. It is one of the videos that people love to watch. According to the viewers, they find it very exciting as well as soothing to watch. It is like therapy to them. Unboxing can be of anything such as smartphones, laptops, headphones, and food etc. It is one of the top-earning niches of YouTube. As new products are launching on a regular basis, people can get a peek into the first look through these videos. Popular unboxing videos gain millions of views. If choose this niche, it is surely going to be quite popular.

Top unboxing vlog channel on YouTube:

Unbox Therapy is the most famous channel on YouTube that shows the unboxing of several consumer goods including phones, cars, laptops, and many more. Being created in 2010, this channel has over 17 million subscribers and each video gets 1 million or more views.

4. Life Hack Vlogs

You must have noticed that there are many life hack videos on different social media platforms. Of course, these videos show some convenient and helpful ways to get certain work done. These effective and efficient ways can help millions of people around the world. Hence, these videos get a great amount of views. With quality content, this niche can be a profitable option for you to consider.

Top life hack channel on YouTube:

You can find some really great life hack videos on YouTube. But the most popular one is 5-Minute Crafts. They provide some really cool and smart hacks as well as some hack tests to help and entertain their viewers. With more than 70 million subscribers, this channel is surely the most popular one.

5. Cooking Videos

One of the most loved and interesting vlogs available on YouTube is food vlogs. The foodies or the ones who love cooking want to try different dishes and experiment the new ones. The best way to learn cooking new dishes is via YouTube. You will just need a video camera and simple set it up in your kitchen and start vlogging. Least investment is required but you can gain a lot of views especially if you are cooking different dishes or in a different style. It is a profitable option to consider.

Top cooking channel on YouTube:

One of the popular cooking channels on YouTube is Laura in the Kitchen. With more than 3.7 million subscribers, this channel is quite popular for showcasing some of the excellent and super yummy recipes.

6. Health & Fitness Vlog

A healthy lifestyle and fitness are very important for a happy and healthy life. As more and more people are taking a keen interest in health and fitness, the videos are getting a lot of views too. This can be a highly popular and lucrative niche for your YouTube channel. If you are an expert in yoga, pilates, workouts, etc. then creating content on health and fitness can be a great idea. These videos get thousands of views nowadays as people are mainly working out from home.

Top health & fitness channel on YouTube:

FitnessBlender is one of the best channels that offer some great fitness videos. They have more than 600 free full-length workout videos with a total of 6.5 million subscribers.

7. Food & Restaurant Review Vlogging

Foodies love to know about different foods reviews and reviews about restaurants. This helps them to stay up-to-date and know which one will be better for their next outing. These informative videos can really go viral and help many people. Even many people share these videos with their friends or family increasing the number of views. If you love foods and visit restaurants often, then this is a great option for vlogging.

Top food & restaurant review channel on YouTube:

One of the top YouTube channels on food and restaurant vlogging is The Food Ranger. With almost 5 million subscribers, this channel has a record of 720,484,446 views in total.

8. Makeup Vlogging

If you are a woman and love doing makeup, then this can be a great option to consider. You have to master the skill of makeup and try different types of makeup. Even if you are a guy with excellent makeup skills, you can try the skills on a model too. There are many vloggers on YouTube who make these makeup videos and get millions of views. Once you get popular, many makeup brands will want to collaborate with you for advertising their makeup. This is surely a lucrative option that you can consider.

Top makeup vlog channel on YouTube:

Christen Dominique is one of the most popular YouTube makeup vloggers with more than 4 million subscribers. She posts different videos on natural makeup to bold makeup. Even she recreates some of the famous celebrity looks.

9. Kitchen Hack Vlogs

Due to hectic and busy schedule, people hardly get time to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Some great hacks that can make their life easier and simpler can be great for them. Also, these videos are generally short and can engage a lot of viewers. Hence, this can be a perfect niche for your YouTube channel if you have some great creative ideas to show your audiences. From some unusual food hacks to cleaning hacks, you can show a lot.

Top kitchen hack channel on YouTube:

The best channel on YouTube that shows some of the effective and efficient kitchen hacks is – 5-Minute Recipes. This channel shares some super easy, unusual, and brilliant kitchen hacks as well as DIY projects using kitchen things.

10. Motivational Video Vlogs

Motivational videos are inspiring. There are many people around the world who look for some motivation and inspiration every day regarding life, work, lifestyle choices, and many more. If your best skill is speaking, then you can surely think of this one if you are wondering which vlogging niche makes the most money. If you can gain some viewers and subscribers for your channels, motivational videos get a good amount of views and shares.

Top motivational video channel on YouTube:

Jay Shetty is one of the most prominent and popular vloggers. His channel is full of great motivational videos. He preaches wisdom, the practicality of life, and motivation to achieve goals.

11. Fail Compilation Vlog

Another great option that you can consider is failed compilation vlogging. It is a comedy that can entertain people and also these videos get viral very easily. Hence, the chance of getting popular and more viewers or subscribers is quite high. The main objective of these vloggers is to make people laugh providing a compilation of some failed funny videos. This needs raw footage to be captured while in action.

Top fail compilation channel on YouTube:

The FailArmy is the most popular channel that offers the best fail tales. With more than 14 million subscribers, they never fail to entertain their viewers. They upload a new fail compilation video every Tuesday.

12. Hairstyling Vlogs

Are you good with different hairstyling ideas? Then this can be a great niche for you to choose when it comes to vlogging. Hairstyles and haircuts need amazing skills. Not everyone is aware of the different styles that are available. Visiting a salon before every party or outing is not possible. Many people love to watch these videos and share them with their friends too. You can also collaborate with some hair styling products to make the videos.

Top hairstyling channel on YouTube:

Luxy Hair is a popular channel headed by two women. They show different hairstyles as well as tutorials for the best hair treatments and care too. They also show special styles for special occasions.

13. Skin care & Hair care Vlogs

If you don’t want to get into makeup videos or hairstyling videos, but still want to do something with beauty, then you choose this niche. Every person, whether or not they like makeup, needs proper skin care and a hair care routine. You can show different ways to take care of their skin and hair along with some dos and don’ts. You can also think about some creatively unique ideas to cover the skincare and hair care niche.

Top Skin & Hair Care channel on YouTube:

Gothamista is one of the most popular vloggers on skincare and hair care. The creator, Renee, explains herself as a skin-enthusiast. She offers the best natural tips for your skin too.

14. Fashion & Lifestyle Vlogging

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular niches on YouTube. Though you can find a lot of new budding vloggers are trying their luck on this niche, not everyone can be successful. The competition is quite high and so is the profit. You have to be unique, dedicated and find a USP for your videos. It has a very high-level audience who are looking forward to changing their fashion game and improve their lifestyle. You have to understand the pulse of your audience and create some great content.

Top fashion & lifestyle channel on YouTube:

More Zoella by Zoe Sugg is one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle channels on YouTube. With more than 4.8 million, this channel provides some amazing content. Right from fashion to organizing and traveling, you can find it all under one roof.

15. How-To Vlogs

People immediately open YouTube when they have something to know. Some great How-To videos can make the best niche for you. These videos can get quite viral and gain a lot of views. From how to clean your house to how to fix your iPhone, you can produce any videos that can provide information. These are tutorial videos based on different topics.

Top how-to video channels on YouTube:

Check out the Lavendaire who provides some great how-to videos on how to organize or how to plan. Besides that, she provides some great tips and other informative videos too.

16. Educational Vlogging

Whether you are good in programming or in mathematics or in any subject, you can choose this niche for educating people. There are many who learn a lot of different things online. Nothing is better than a good, free online tutorial video that viewers can watch. Creating some great educational vlogs can increase the view count. Hence, it is a profitable option to consider.

Top education channel on YouTube:

Ted-Ed is one of the most popular educational vlogging channels with 13 million subscribers. They offer educational videos regarding different topics from mythology to science through animation.

17. Gaming Vlogs

This is one of the most trending niches on YouTube. With the growing popularity of online games and great options cropping up every month, you can have several topics to cover. Though there are many gaming channels already on YouTube, still you have 100% chance of growth. This topic is quite popular and game-fanatics love to watch gaming videos as much as they love playing games. So, if you love games, this can be a great option.

Top gaming channel on YouTube:

PewDiePie, undoubtedly, is the best YouTube channel on Gaming. With over 108 million subscribers, this channel has some great gaming videos in form of comedy. This keeps the entertainment and excitement intact.

18. Prank & Funny Vlogs

People love to watch something funny and entertaining on YouTube sometimes. After a long hectic day, this can help them to really feel good and entertained. These videos get viral within few days gaining a good amount of views. Hence, if you have some funny ideas and great contents, you can surely try this niche.

Top prank video channels on YouTube:

Just for Laughs Gags is the perfect example of such a channel. It has 11 million viewers and it consistently provides some funny videos and public prank videos that keep people entertained.

19. Drawing & Sketches Vlogging

Are you an expert in art and drawing? Then this can be a great niche. It is not that common too but it has a huge viewer base of all age. As much as adults love to see some great drawings and sketches, kids too love it. You can provide tutorial on drawing and sketches too besides showcasing your own talent. This can be a lucrative niche.

Top drawing and sketching channel on YouTube:

VamosArt Drawing is one of the most popular channels that provide great videos on how to paint, speed draw, watercolor, and many more. The specialty of this channel is their 3D art.

20. DIY projects & craft vlogging

People love DIY i.e. do it yourself projects, these days. They love to create different things from crafts, candles, lanterns to furniture, or anything. If you have some great DIY ideas that you want to share, then this can be one of the best vlogging niches for you. There are many top YouTube channels that provide some great tips and DIY ideas for people on various topics.

Top DIY project channel on YouTube:

The BuzzFeed Nifty is one of the best channels with over 1.7 million subscribers. They show different DIY crafts and DIY projects step by step so that you can do that too at your home.


You too can have the best YouTube channels and become one of the top YouTube bloggers. You just have to select one of these top 20 most profitable vlogging niches that can help you to gain profits by making videos. Make sure to be consistent, creative, and unique. That’s all!

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