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How to start an unboxing channel on YouTube

Unlike the other creators who have made it large on YouTube, you’re just starting and inexperienced. Also, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket with all that expensive equipment. So what can you do to start out? Unboxing channel videos work great in this regard and you don’t have to do a lot of work for the same.

How do Unboxing videos make money?

Among the best and simplest ways to earn through unboxing videos is to turn on monetization of your unboxing Youtube channel. Channel owners mainly earn money from Youtube through three methods.

Firstly, it would obviously be the most common way of enabling advertisements on posts. The approach will be how you’ll most likely want to begin with Youtube unboxing videos. Another method you can combine or separately choose is earning money with product promotions. However, this would only be possible after you’ve gained a considerable amount of following. Later on, brands would request you to unbox products. Finally, you can charge people for viewing content. You must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers for accessing the particular option.

Paid advertising earning – If you’ve ever watched videos on Youtube, you’ve most likely seen lots of advertising – before and sometimes in a video. Also, you’ll notice banner advertisements on your site. Unboxing Youtube channel owners get paid a certain amount for each 1,000 ad view. Also, each time you get paid when anyone clicks on an advertisement and goes on the website of a sponsor.

Brand Product Placement – Lots of brands provide free products and samples to influencers on the internet in exchange for an endorsement. The reason for this is most influencers are “real people” who talk about how products fill well in everyday life. With all such endorsements, brands earn the trust of the audience of influencers and get higher sales.

When you’ve developed a prevalent unboxing channel in a certain niche, brands would approach you to unbox products for them. For example, if you have a renowned beauty channel, a makeup or curling iron vendor would want their products to get featured in your Youtube unboxing videos. Suppose, you’re a gaming enthusiast, then keyboard and headset manufacturers would approach you.

Charging for additional premium content – After surpassing 1,000 followers, you would be able to join ad-free platform of Youtube Premium (earlier known as YouTube Red). Youtube premium allows you to charge viewers for accessing content. For instance, you can charge for unboxing videos of exclusive products. Also, you can charge for access to live-stream so the views would be among the first ones for seeing unboxing content.

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Unboxing video ideas

The best thing about Youtube unboxing videos is that when done in the right way, they work well for all niches. The scope of making unboxing videos is diverse and consists of endless possibilities. You just need to fit in to notice the desired outcomes. Here are a few ideas for creating unboxing videos, if you’re just starting.

Unboxing beauty products and testing them – Beauty products are not only about the work they do. They also add up to how you carry and present yourself. Thus, people prefer products that look elegant and classy and ultimately work as they’re intended to. Unboxing beauty and makeup products help your audience in obtaining adequate information about the specific product and making a sound purchase decision.

Unboxing kitchen tools – Kitchen tools are diverse, and when you think that’s all you can, you’ll quickly get a new unboxing idea. Even if it’s only about 200 bucks, people don’t want to spend it on something that isn’t useful for them. Thus, people look up for unboxing videos to get an idea about how well the products perform in the tests.

Unboxing phones and gadgets – While most people would think of unboxing phones and gadgets to be a mainstream thing, they don’t know that the niche still has a lot of scopes. Reviewing and Unboxing the latest smartphones not only provides assured views but provides you a dedicated audience as well.

Unboxing toys – The children’s entertainment and toys niche on Youtube is a factory for getting views. Most popular toys unboxing videos get millions of views and with time you can also reach that level.

Tips on how to do an Unboxing video?

The best thing about Youtube unboxing videos is that a lot of them have a homemade feel. Newbies can start making unboxing videos through their phones for gaining experience. Over time, you might want to invest in having specialized equipment, but you don’t have to hold yourself back. After starting you can gradually get better at unboxing at be a part of the trend.

Selecting a niche

Almost all types of products can be unboxed. However, a particular niche must be selected from scratch and you’ve got to stick to it. Let’s suppose, that you’ve got a following of unboxing toys, so you’d not want to suddenly change to fashion accessories unboxing.

Practice clear, precise, and slow speaking

While unboxing products have a center stage, its narration is all that makes or breaks videos. Before uploading your very first video, you’ll have to work with speaking voice. You’ll have to enunciate clearly so that your viewers can plainly understand your words. Also with captions, your videos become simple to grasp for audiences from different countries.

Having the right Set-Up

Although it would be great to have a studio-quality set-up, it wouldn’t be necessary! Generally, it’s enough to have a quality camera for capturing video content. Also, a tripod would be useful as it stabilizes the camera and also ensures great shots. Most likely you’ll also want to have access to video editing software but these tools are of low cost. With more experience, you can invest in more equipment when required.

Your background must look plain, simple, and uncluttered. If possible, your background should match the theme of your content. For example, if you unbox kitchen tools, you’ll want to shoot in your kitchen and have a distraction-free background.

Using product while unboxing

Your videos can get a step further if you use and review the products. For example, if you’re unboxing a kitchen product, you can use it in cooking a dish. In this way, you can do a lot more justice to the product than only showing it to the audience. With this approach, you can fit as an expert in your focused area.

How to choose Unboxing Youtube channel name?

The Youtube channel name you have can help you in the brand establishment; you can help users in finding you and overall setting up your channel tone. The importance of the channel can be easily seen. And in this post, we’ll discuss some best available Youtube channel name ideas after looking at certain usernames that you’ll want to avoid.

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Make sure your channel name complies with the following:

Set the channel tone – Would you want the name to sound fun and cute, serious, adventurous, and hyper-professional or should it totally be something else? The name can be straightforward clever or anything out of the box. Whatever you’re selecting, you need to be sure that it suits your objectives.

Be visible to your target audience – If you’re a business that started a YouTube channel, you’ll either want to use the brand name or have some variation. If you’re beginning a new “brand” channel, you can search for prospective keywords and how you’ll let people know what you’re doing.

Must be simple to search, remember and read – Unfortunately, lots of people don’t subscribe immediately. You’ll want it to be simple to later discover your content. “Yoga with Adrienne” is simple and straightforward, while using “YogaDiva84474: or “Alldaylongyogalesssonsformoms” won’t work well. Make sure that the name is sweet, short, and memorable.

Youtube thumbnail ideas for Unboxing

Irrespective of whether you’re uploading unboxing vids or any other genre, the video thumbnail has a vital role in it. Thumbnails are among the most vital aspects for leveraging on prospective viewers and letting them click for enjoying. This, undoubtedly, is among the most deciding factors on whether the video should be clicked or not?

What must be the main idea portrayed by the thumbnail?

The basic thumbnail goal would be to have the highest number of clicks. You get more audience, view content, and move forward for viewing other content. Also, there are many rules for making things happen such as:

  • Content must portray accurately
  • Excite the audience for the video
  • The audience interest should be drawn
  • Get the white space benefit
  • Get templates for the thumbnail
  • Important considerations for thumbnail

Title text must be included for adding context – While the main image is equally important, it wouldn’t explain the main video purpose. For example, the viewer would visit several thumbnails and try to figure out the best possible ways for resolving technical or other present issues.

Have the best font styles – The font style must be unique and elegant for representing your brand with content. This is the best way for keeping the audience engaged and consistent with the same font style. Also, use better design and memorable colors.

Use fine and appropriate images – Visualization is vital for catching the attention of the users. With quality and relevant image, your video gets a demo and the audience can relate well with your brand. Whether you’re unboxing or advertising products, you’ll need to create a corresponding image.

Best Unboxing channels on Youtube

  • Ryan’s World

The topmost unboxing channel is Ryan’s World. The videos present a boy unpacking and playing with new toys. These videos are all about the genuine reaction of Ryan to a toy that he unboxed. One (or both) of the parents join him, as his younger sisters recently going him.

  • Unbox Therapy

The channel gets hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger. It has gained lots of popularity, with more than 17 million subscribers and a viewership of more than 2.4 billion. Videos by Lewis present the world’s coolest products. Additionally to unboxing videos, the UnboxTherapy channel also includes videos that feature incredible deals, fun tests, interesting lists, etc.

  • Dope or Nope

The popular comedy unboxing and review channel Dope or Nope is owned by Matthias Fredrick. The reviewer declares whether a certain product is worth it (dope) or not (nope). With his channel, Matthias made significant changes to the unboxing genre of Youtube.

Whether you like them or not, the trend of unboxing channel videos would stay for long and small brands approach new creators and provide them with an earning opportunity in the long run. With the above-stated info, you can create an amazing unboxing experience and get max outputs through your videos.

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