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How to start a fitness vlog: a complete guide

In today’s world, stress, tension, and uncertainty have become a way of life for millions of us, staying fit is no longer a choice. We all know that charity begins at home. There is a big demand for quality blogs and vlogs as more numbers of people start becoming fitness conscious. However, if you wish to start a fitness video blog, then you must ensure that you are practicing what you preach. The first is to be sure that you have a slim and fit body with the right attributes before you start posting your vlogs. This is extremely vital because you will be up against dedicated and deeply entrenched YouTube fitness channels. Taking them on is not an easy job, to say the least.

You also should try to address the right constituency so that your fitness vlogs are focused and attract the right viewership. For example, if you are focusing on women, then your aim should be to try and become of the best YouTube fitness channels for women. Let us right away get into the various aspects of vlogging as a fitness enthusiast. There is money to be made but you should know how to go about it and the next few lines will throw some light on the same.

How to Start a Fitness Vlog?

The first step is to have a clear idea about the type of vlog that you would like to choose. You have two main categories from which you can choose:

  • General fitness vlog
  • Vlog that is targeted towards a specific niche

You must understand that there is a difference between “wellness” and “fitness”. They are two broad categories within themselves and you must carefully choose as to where you want to be in.

Fitness is about being competent and good in certain areas such as yoga, CrossFit, running, cycling, swimming, etc. On the other hand when we talk about wellness we are referring to being in good health overall. If you wish to be in the wellness arena, you perhaps could think about vlogs that talk about weight loss, ways and means to cut down on unwanted blood sugar, and ways to bring down hypertension which contributes to a number of associated health hazards.

If you do your research and then choose the right niche, you will be able to grow much faster. You will become popular because you are choosing only on a specific area and niche rather than beating around the bush. Those who have created blogs or vlogs that cater to a certain carefully selected niche are likely to become more successful and more popular on social media. However, this does not mean that you should not talk about other niches.

You can do it once in a while but your focus should be on the areas that you are planning to focus on. For example, if your vlog is focused on running, you can include a few videos about yoga because it helps a runner to get him or her prepared adequately before going in for these grueling and demanding runs.

Fitness Vlog Name Ideas

Once you have decided on the theme and niche of your blog, the next important step is to make sure that you have the right name for your blog. This is a key and important step and picking out a great name should obviously be a one-time effort. When you choose a name for your vlog, please consider these important factors.

Will it be a blog name or a personal name? This is a common thought that comes to the minds of many people. Many people prefer making their website domain their personal name. However, if you believe that you have the right expertise in the expertise arena that would be a great way ahead. People who are aware of your achievements will easily identify your vlogs. Giving a separate name to it may mean that you may have to build another brand name that is exclusively for vlogging.

There are many people who are happy choosing a blog name that they consider is catchy. This could work out well in case you are not personally too well-known. Such catchy names will make them remember you. It could be a good strategy especially if your personal name is not too easy to spell.

Fitness Vlog Ideas

When it comes to fitness or wellness vlogging ideas, there are dozens of options to choose from. You are limited only by your imagination. However, this does not mean you can crowd your vlog with a number of ideas. This will lead to confusion and loss of focus. While germinating vlog ideas make sure that it is based on your specific theme and focus area. If you are planning to be in the fitness arena, your ideas should revolve around it.

On the other hand, if you are planning to be in the wellness field as a vlogger ensure that you choose vlog ideas that are in line with your focus area. This will make it easier for you to make specifically targeted videos instead of going in for a number of them. Here are some vlog ideas that you may consider.

Vlogging videos about physical fitness at home is a popular way to take your vlog forward and make it viral and popular. You could talk about strength training moves and exercises. You also can get into some online workouts and there are endless options in this. Also, you could teach how to make a household gym using common household items. This will touch the right cord amongst those viewers who may not be able to spend big money buying gym equipment or some people may not have enough time to visit gyms on a regular basis.

Healthy eating habits are another area where your vlog may have many things to offer. These kinds of vlogs make even better sense in today’s scenario where thousands of people are leading a restricted life because of the corona pandemic. For example, if you look around there are many vlogs that focus on two-week quarantine meal plans. There are others that focus on smoothies and other such recipes especially when a person is recovering from a covid infection.

You could also focus on general meal plans that are popular for those who are keen on shedding weight and also for those who are looking for meal plans as sedentary or partially active individuals.

Hence, if you look around you will be able to come across many vlog ideas and as mentioned above, you are hamstrung only by your imagination. However, make sure that you never lose sight of the main objective and the main focus of your vlog. Failure to adhere to this will lead to dilution of the entire vlogging experience and bringing it back on rail could be a tough and Herculean task. It may require you to get started all over again.

Vlog Equipment

You may have the right ideas, the right niche, and even the right experience and expertise in the area that you are planning to focus on. However, all these may come to naught if you are not able to choose the right fitness vlog equipment. We are happy to list down a few of the most important vlog equipment that is a must for any budding vlogger who is keen on making his or her presence aggressive on the various social media outlets.


This is perhaps the most important and indispensable equipment that one should have if they want to get started with their fitness vlog. The type of camera would be directly related to the kind of vlogging that you are in. For example, you may have to invest in a portable camera. Many of those who are just starting their fitness vlogging journey, prefer to use smartphones. There are many smartphones that have high-quality cameras and that would be a good place to start off. However, if you are in for various sports-related activities like surfing, biking, swimming, and running, then you may have to invest in an action camera over a period of time.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera


It goes without saying that you must be ready to invest in a high-quality microphone. It is perhaps as important as a good camera if not more. People who are watching your videos and vlogs must be able to hear you clearly. There is no point trying to salvage a video that has poor audio post-recording. You need to understand the importance of being proactive rather than being reactive.

Always look for a microphone that is small, sturdy, and easy to carry. Good microphones are the ones that can suppress the background vocals to the best possible extent. You could look into the possibility of investing in a good quality USB microphone and there are many such options available out there in the marketplace.

Audio-Technica ATR3350


Many vloggers may have the best of cameras and microphones but they often do not pay attention to proper lighting. In an outdoor environment if the sun shines brightly you may not have much of an issue. However, make sure that the indoor lighting is more than adequate. Also that there is enough light on the subject and shooting a video from the right position is of importance. Invest in spotlights if that is what can make the difference.


You also may need to invest in other things such as a good stabilizer/tripod and of course you need to have a quality backpack to carry things around. Also, look for good editing software once the video has been shot.

camera slider

What is the Best Background for a Fitness Vlog?

There are some proven and time-tested options when it comes to choosing the right background for a fitness vlog. Try to stay away from flashy patterns and avoid stark colors. This will often lead to the reflection of light onto the subject and this will impact the natural light flow, positioning, and alignment. Experienced vloggers try to avoid bright colors like orange, yellow, and red. They often turn out to be flattering and highly distracting. Go in for natural tones like light gray, navy blue, soft white and other such light hues and shades. These are considered to be best for video shooting and are also easy as far as the eyes are concerned.

Top 5 Fitness Vlog YouTube Tips

  • Always start with a goal. Unless you do not know where you want to be your fitness vlog will never reach anywhere. Find out ways to get over camera shyness and as mentioned above be clear in the area and niche you want to be in.
  • Take inputs from other professional fitness and health videos. If you are a beginner, do not start with the mindset that you know everything. Fitness and wellness vlogging is a huge subject and you have quite a few things to learn.
  • Understand your audience. Make sure that you are able to select the niche audience carefully. Your vlog cannot and will not attract all viewers. Identifying your audience will help you to make the right videos that are of interest to them.
  • Be consistent. Don’t expect your first few videos to go viral. There are many successful YouTube Vloggers who have been there for 10 years. In spite of being hugely successful, they still continue to post quality videos regularly.
  • Patience is the name of the game. Successful vlogging on fitness is a time-consuming affair and you must know how to be patient and persevering.

Top fitness channels on YouTube

Here is a look at three best channels on YouTube. There are thousands of them and choosing the best is no easy task:

Love Sweat Fitness. This is a hugely popular fitness channel and has some awesome videos about fitness.

HASFit. There are enough reasons to believe that HASFit has become quite popular within a short period of time. It has some of the best instructions for use of Dumbbells, and also for Total Body Workout.

OfficialBarstarzz. This is a YouTube fitness video of Samer Delgado. It could be of great use for those who are looking for a complete body workout. You don’t need a gym for the workouts and it can be done in a park.


Fitness vlogging can be a great way to express your passion and liking for fitness and healthy living and overall well-being of the mind and body. You can also start monetizing it over a period of time. However, it is a time-consuming process and the entire vlogging and video shooting has to be done carefully.

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