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How to start a beauty vlog and make it popular

When men and women are taking more care of their appearance, of course, there will be strong beauty trends. Especially with the era of technology that is increasingly developing today, users are more and more inclined to look to the channels of beauty vlogs to learn more about makeup, skincare, and listen-advice on the line of cosmetics suitable for themselves. Stemming from that need, the beauty vlog was born to meet the need the exploration and learning about the world of cosmetics. If you are also a cosmetic lover, have a good sense of speech, then why not choose a beauty vlog career to develop your hobby? Let’s explore How To Start A Beauty Vlog And Make It Popular.

How to Start a Beauty Vlog

To be really successful in the beauty vlog career, the first thing that you need is passion and perseverance. But that is not enough; you also need to know how to promote yourself and demonstrate your values to customers. Let’s immediately refer to the secrets to becoming an extremely attractive beauty vlog today.

Gather a lot of beauty knowledge and experience

This is the first and must-have element for a beauty vlog because the beauty vlog’s mission is to bring users certain knowledge about beauty, especially experiences in skincare, eyeliner, lipstick, etc. other knowledge about cosmetics.

And certainly not something that can be done on day 1 or day 2 but takes a lot of time to accumulate. The more your beauty knowledge and experience, the more likely it is to attract more people to join your beauty channel. Because you are the one who makes users feel secure and trusted when they come to your beauty world.

An experience from a successful beauty vlog is that you should choose for yourself a strength. Don’t try to spread out too many different beauties. Because first, you will not have enough time to explore all the different arrays. The second is that the cost to invest in will also be very expensive.

So it would be best if you found yourself strong at any point, then focus on that point. Assuming you are someone who loves to take care of your skin to become healthy, focus on understanding skincare knowledge. Or, ff you are a master of makeup, focus on make-up beauty vlogs. The purpose is so that when users know you, they will easily know you as a makeup vlogger or skincare vlogger.

Focus on building unique and engaging content

Building content for a beauty vlog is both easy and difficult. Easy because everything that the beauty vlog shares are within their capabilities. With the knowledge and experience they have gained, users will be completely assured when finding out information about beauty in these beauty vlog’ channels.

However, it isn’t easy to make the content more attractive to understand. And this is not entirely simple. One of the simplest and most popular ways is to tailor content to personal review. That is, the makeup beauty vlogs are merely reviewing the products that they have used. Another way to make content engaging is by doing tips/tricks. That is the contents guide tips on how to make beauty more effective. Another content that is following the trend. Specifically, beauty vlogs need to know how to catch a trend to bring attractive content.

Prepare video recording tools

To become the best makeup vlogs on Youtube, tools for video recording, lighting, and editing are indispensable. You also have to invest in professional beauty tools and beauty products if you intend to be a product review. Some of the essential tools for your video include:

  • Video camera

You should choose at least one full HD camcorder to record

Video Camera Camcorder kimire Digital Camera Recorder Full HD
  • Lenses

Investing in lenses helps you to portray the packaging, design, and texture of the products you want to review to your viewers.

  • Microphone

USB Desktop Microphone with Mute Button

  • Background

Prepare a beautiful, well-lit background.

  • Editing software

Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere. These are the two easiest editing software to use.

Set up a YouTube channel for beauty sharing

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website today. And many beauty vlogs have taken advantage of YouTube to promote their personal brands. The most popular method is still to take a video to share your beauty knowledge. And with that, you should know how to incorporate outstanding video effects to make your YouTube channel more attractive to viewers.

If you make a successful YouTube video, you will surely attract a lot of followers. And from here will be the foundation for you to make money from advertising. That also motivates you to make more attractive videos.

There are various forms of user interaction

Connecting with a community of users is also one way to attract more people to your beauty channel. These forms of interaction can be said to be giving gifts, receiving vouchers or live streams, and responding interactively. Only in small forms can you also make a mark with users through your beauty channel.

What Lighting do Makeup Vloggers Use?

For a bright and shiny skin effect, you must have a ring light and a softbox. Right and softboxes are the two most common types of lighting when shooting because they not only brighten and even the skin color, but these two lights can also help your makeup effects be seen clearly while shooting. Especially if you want to create the best makeup vlog, the ring light is a must-have item.

Beauty Vlog Ideas

The idea is the root to decide the success of your beauty vlog career. To attract views, you must create content that is unique and useful to your users. All of those ideas depend on your creativity. For inspiration, go to Instagram and Pinterest sites. You can refer to some of the following ideas.

Product review

This is probably the most popular topic for beauty vloggers on youtube. However, I recommend using this idea in conjunction with the affiliate link. That is, you review the products and let the link lead to the website selling the product. Each click on the link, if a viewer buys the product, you will receive a commission of about 3% – 5%

Makeup/skincare with a limited budget

Makeup and skincare are often costly. Sometimes your viewers can’t spend a lot of money on cosmetics or skincare products. You can create videos with this content to help and advise them. This will make them very impressed with you.

Makeup in hurry

For busy people often find make-up very time-consuming. You can give the fastest and most convenient way of star makeup to guide these subjects.

Theme makeup

If you are truly a makeup vlogger with expertise in the make-up industry, you can make a series of makeup tutorials on special occasions such as holidays, weddings, parties. Besides, you can create unique themed makeup styles like the universe, sea, autumn, summer, etc.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Video tutorials for beginners

You can plan on creating a series of video tutorials on basic makeup steps for beginners. Such content always attracts many viewers because when they want to practice makeup, they do look for videos with such content.

And countless more ideas are depending on your creativity. Ideas might be skincare tips, makeup tutorials, give-away, beauty challenges, beauty subscription boxes, etc.

10 Tips to Make Beauty Vlog Popular

1.If possible, invest in a 4K camera to enhance the quality of your videos

2. If you want to use natural light, choose a shooting time in the early morning to soften and minimize changes in light.

3. If you choose natural light, you should shoot in the bedroom and living room

4. Use noise-filtering recorders for clear noise

5. If you want to improve the sound quality, you can add a wireless brooch microphone or a shotgun microphone for the direction of the sound.

6. With videos that don’t need to be recorded directly, you can record VoiceOver and then insert it using the iPhone’s recording software

7. If you want to record a video yourself without the cameraman, choose a camera with a reversed screen. This is extremely important for you to film yourself because when you are looking at the screen, you will frame it very well and quickly.

8. It is recommended that you perform at least 2-3 backups of a segment of content to anticipate recording errors

9. With skincare vloggers, you can use the Cosmo tool to help smooth the skin. However, it would help if you did not overdo it

10. Choose background music that matches the theme in the beauty vlog to inspire viewers

How do Beauty Youtubers Make Money?

Make money from brands and services

Some cosmetics companies sponsor their products or company brand image in the video produced by Beauty Vlog so that the audience can see their brand. Many beauty vlogs have large subscribers. They are often invited to new product launches, invited to sample products, sponsored beauty equipment, invited to beauty industry events, coordinate with them to market to users.

Make money from product marketing (Affiliate)

If you notice, the videos they produce are in their descriptions for a lot of information, including information about the products used in the video, makeup tools. Not only that, but they also link cameras, ring boxes, products.

When viewers click on the links and buy products through that link, they will receive a commission for referring buyers. Watch the huge number of video viewers, and you know that they make a lot of money from referring viewers to click to buy products.

Open your own cosmetics shop and promote it on your own channel

If you have a large enough audience, you can confidently open a small cosmetics shop and start with small and commonly used products such as lipstick, face cream, makeup, … and open widen it over time. Currently, many vlogs still develop business from their own channel.

Most Popular Beauty Vloggers on YouTube

Jeffree Star

On Youtube, this boy born in 1985 has many subscribers, up to 17.7 million people. On Instagram, he also attracted more than 2.9 million followers of users from all over the world.

Starting as a singer, model, and makeup artist, Jeffree Star has taken bold steps in the beauty vlog community and achieved great success. He is also an American businessman who owns the cosmetics brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

With more few million followers on Youtube and on Instagram, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (Zoe Sugg) is currently the most influential name today.

The British-born girl started her career with the personal page in 2009 and, until now, had achieved the peak of fame when she was only 30 years old.

Nikkie de Jager

The top 3 beauty vlogs in the world influencer community deserve to be Nikkie de Jager. She was born in 1994 in the Netherlands, currently owns a YouTube channel called NikkieTutorials with more than 13.3 million subscribers.

Starting a beauty vlog job as a high school girl in 2008, after more than 12 years of hard work, Nikkie de Jager has become the world-famous beauty vlog on YouTube and Twitter, Instagram.

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