How do Youtubers earn Money

How do YouTubers earn money?

In this article we will list the main ways Youtubers earn money such as Adsense, Affiliate Links, Merchandise, Sponsorships and Super Chat.

Adsense Advertising Revenue

The main way YouTubers make money on the Youtube platform is through Adsense ads. These are the ads that play before, during and after videos.

For every 1000 impressions, an advert is played on your video the content creator on Youtube will earn a certain amount. Which can vary depending on what niche your content is the average is between $3–$8 but can be higher in some cases.

YouTube also takes a 50% commission of the advert revenue. For a million views the payout can range between $3,400 and $40,000.

Affiliate links

Affiliate Links are a type of marketing in which a company/business will reward an associated affiliate for visitors or products brought through the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

In the main, this type of marketing is popular for fashion and beauty vloggers. A YouTuber will mention a specific product in their video with an affiliate link in the description of the video.

So if the audience purchases anything through the link, the Youtuber will receive a commission (money) on average between 5-20% of the sale. In some cases, the commission can be as much as 50%.


Merchandise in short Merch is a great way for Youtubers to earn money via their channels. Merch is one of the key revenue sources for Youtubers and the likes of PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, and VanossGaming. They are earning well in excess of over $10,000,000 per month just from merch sales.

Most of the bigger YouTubers focus on clothing and accessories. As they are cheap to produce and cater to a wide audience.


Sponsorship deals can be very lucrative for Youtubers. As many brands are willing to splash money on reaching the Youtubers audience

A brand will approach a YouTuber to promote their product or service. And the YouTuber will create content to fit the brands’ requirements as well as blend in with the type of content they produce on a regular basis.

On average AdSense pays $3–$8 per 1000 views but for a sponsorship/brand deal it is almost 10 times this on average between $20-$30 per 1000 views (RPM).

Super Chat

Super Chat is a feature for YouTubers who live stream. And allows their fans to interact on a live chat feed. This feature allows viewers to purchase chat messages that are highlighted and sometimes pinned to the top of the chat.

Super Chat is a great way to allow your audience to get involved and be heard!

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