How can entertainment content help you promote your channel?

How can entertainment content help promote your social media channel?

Entertainment content is a great way to help promote your social media channels.

Entertainment content formats

The same types of content are can be very different on certain social networks. Therefore, it is important to determine with which entertainment formats you may entertain your audience and thereby expand on each of the social platforms.


One of the most common types of engaging content is games. The formats can be very different, but in general, they can be divided into polls, quizes, and puzzles.
Fortunately, it is not necessary to hire a programmer to make a game for you as there is ready made software for this. For example, EX.CO. In addition, the functionality of social networks has already reached the level where such games can be successfully integrated.


Social media influencers have a connection with their fans and followers. It is easy for the influencer to introduce a brand or giveaway to their followers. Brands work with influencers as it is an easy way for them to reach an audience becoming the perfect opportunity for a brand to host a giveaway with the influencer.


Participation in all kinds of challenges or flash mobs allows you not only to be in trend but also to attract new viewers. Plus, this format can go viral, which can also drive audience growth. The disadvantages of this type of content is that they do not last longer than a few days.

Memes and humor

Fans of Internet humor will appreciate your knowledge of current memes and the ability to beautifully adapt them to your channel.

And they will appreciate even more if you manage to create your own meme. However, they can evaluate both positively and negatively. With the successful use of this type of entertainment content, you can get not only new users but also increase the level of loyalty of the existing audience.

This type of content is able to adapt to different formats such as video, images or gifs. This type of content can go viral and become shared millions of times. In 2020, thanks to the pandemic and self-isolation, video memes are emerging on Tik Tok, which are then spontaneously converted into text or pictures.

Polls and tests

This is one of the easiest way to interact with your audience. There is both interaction and feedback on various issues. The audience loves to be asked for their opinion even if the answers are easy. Most people like to have an opinion.

Stories, quotes and facts

Stories, quotes and facts contain useful and practical information for your consumer. However, this format can also go viral.

Things to consider when creating your entertainment content

entertainment content
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It’s important that the entertainment is relevant and in line with the theme of your channel.
Good entertainment content is topical, funny, and, if presented correctly, has a good chance of going viral.

The audience will share your memes, and other people catch on and start following you.

The most important thing is to be really as awesome as you claim to be transparency is key!

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