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Food vlogging explained

Mmmh, food. After the entertainment, it’s the most searched for topic on Youtube. Combine both and you’ve got a winner. If you’re thinking about posting your own food videos on Youtube, read on to learn what it takes to make your contribution stand out.

What is Food Vlogging?

So first things first. Vlogging, or video blogging, is presenting your audience with videos about food. Just like with any online TV channel, you’ll be providing consistent and ongoing material to be consumed by your eager viewers. Be sure to know what’s cooking before you serve!

How to Make a Food Vlog

Food vlogging is so different from any other type of vlog. Treat it like your very own TV food channel, mixed with all the entertainment you wish. Because that’s the number one reason viewers come to Youtube. Having said that, no starry-eyed statistics should entice you to deviate from who you are or how you live your passion and how you wish to express yourself. The more personal, the better. Many have learned the hard way that vlogging to monetize just doesn’t cut it. If cooking’s your thing, let your personality shine through. With time and effort, your recipes will reap every success. Guaranteed.

Before you can start kneading the dough properly, you’ll have to sit down and work out a master plan.

  • What types of foods will you focus on?
  • Who will be looking for your advice?

Start as you mean to go on. Asking yourself the right questions will put you on the right path. Down the line, you’ll be asking your subscribers directly what they want to see more of. A sure-fire way to grow your brand.

On to the question of branding

Think it through from the start and stick to it. How many videos you post, the place(s) you shoot, the way you present, edit, and add fun to your clips. Or not. Whatever your signature editing technique, trusted content brings viewers back, time and again. Prepare each video title and thumbnail carefully. Stick with your style, own it, cash in on it!

Stay on top of things

If you can’t post daily, don’t start only to get sloppy later with the consistency. If your style is to answer subscribers’ queries directly in your videos, by all means. Do it once and they’ll expect more of the same. Choose very carefully what your content, style, length of video will be before you post. Getting things established in a way that suits you from the start is key. Could you imagine watching your favourite series only to be told midway through the crew ran out of steam? Don’t let this happen to your audience. Believe in your brand and deliver.

So now go!

Find a good camera, adjust it, look at the lens and do your thing. It will take hours of filming and editing, but remember, the crisper and more efficient, the better. There are tons like you out there. Make sure you don’t lag behind because of technicalities. Be sure to use background music that is royalty-free or that you have gained permission for.

What Makes a Food Vlogging Popular?

Just like with a recipe, it’s sometimes impossible to figure out what makes it gel. Food prepared with love comes to mind. It’s the magic ingredient that makes everything come together and produces a yummy dish.

Think of your food vlog just as another, bigger and bolder, recipe. You want to share it with millions. You have the spotless kitchen, the expensive wide-angle camera lens, the exotic food at hand. Now if you are passionate about your cooking vlog, that’s the reason why viewers will come back for more. We won’t go into the recipes you should and shouldn’t post about. It wouldn’t make sense. Anything you feel strongly about will be met with enthusiasm and resonate with millions of other like-minded foodies.

Which leads us to zoom in on the vlogging concept once more. Because food lovers have been satisfied with cook books for centuries. What then is the added benefit of a vlog about food? It’s the networking around what makes us tick. Bring your worktop to your audience and let them feel they are sitting right there in front of you as you demonstrate the cooking steps.

What’s more, bring other food vloggers’ experience into the mix by showing your subscribers you are involved, up-to-date and sharing in the food vloggosphere. This is what youtube visitors are about. Share links to other cooking vlogs you like and follow. Show your sources when citing other fantastic tips or recipes.

Last but surely not least, remind your audience to subscribe to your channel in each of your posts. They may be newbies or just forget. Offer them this friendly nudge so they don’t miss out on your feed!

When you’ve reached milestones of 10,000 then 100,000 and so on, put your stamp on other social media outlets. Instagram, Pinterest, your own blog maybe can all sustain one another and make your offerings three-dimensional. What food lover doesn’t like a bit of substance? Dish it up!

Best Food Vlog Channels on Youtube

So yes, it’s definitely a good idea to check out and even interact with the competition out there. Be sure to hang out virtually with like-minded food vloggers. Always stay on the ball – online video trends move fast. You’ll know what we mean when it’s your turn to get swept up the charts.

With close to 20 million subscribers, the channel Tasty is the food vlogging giant. A thing or two can be learned from staying tuned to this fine channel that was created back in 2015. A good way to remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Famous for his TV series and restaurants, chef Gordon Ramsay’s channel packs a punch too with 15 million subscribers. Anyone will agree that his unique style can’t be replicated. That’s exactly what works. Be true to yourself and your audience will follow. For free lessons, all you have to do is watch and learn.

In third place with a comfortable 12.5 million subscribers, Rosanna Pansino should also be a household name when it comes to famous food vloggers. Her warm personality and love of gimmicky content will get views from across the table.

Whatever the look and feel of your own food vlog, go all in from the start. Invest in time to craft your vlogging path and equipment to make it happen. Then knuckle down and work to those targets. Enjoy as you go. As your following grows, you’ll embark on the best food journey ever. The vlog experience just so happens to make virtual travel very yummy. Bon appetit!

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