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Choosing a YouTube channel name for your vlogs

It is a fact that the success of a particular brand or vlog depends on the name to a great extent. In spite of doing some good things, it is possible for a good youtube channel name to make your company successful and a bad name to spoil the reputation of your business.

The question might creep up in your mind regarding what should I name my vlog? While starting to think about what type of vlog channel names you should go for, it is imperative to devote some time to make sure that you select one which actually stands out amongst the rest. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned some tips on choosing a youtube name for a vlog channel that will help you in the long run.

So, let us not waste time and look at the guidelines mentioned below.

Top 10 tips on how to name a vlog channel yourself

1. Think about what can make you unique

Make it a point to sit down in a tranquil area with a piece of paper or notepad or even a Word document on the computer. Begin to jot down words and phrases which will be able to make your name unique. After doing that, think about the new vlog channel. Try to figure out what your vlogs will be about. Try to understand the people to whom the vlogs are going to reach. Type these words or phrases down for making things simplified. Moreover, draw some images or small doodles which will come of use to you as well.

Try to see what you are getting from these as well as the common patterns. These will be the features that will help to make your name unique eventually.

2. Select a vlog name representing you

It does not matter whether you are creating videos on your own or a company is trying to put some intriguing footage together, your vlog channel name should represent you as well as your brand. As a matter of fact, your youtube channel name can play a significant part in what individuals relate to us, and therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the name is appropriate for your beliefs, values, as well as tone.

3. Select a unique name

Our subsequent guideline on vlog channel names ideas will be to come up with a unique name or you can create your personal word for describing your vlog as well. In case a unique word is selected by you for representing your vlog, make certain that the word truly represents you and also makes sense.

4. Select a name which can be easily pronounced

This particular tip on vlogger name ideas emphasizes having a name that is memorable. In case you’d like individuals to easily remember and also talk about your channel, it will be imperative to go for a name that is simple to pronounce. It will be quite difficult for people to remember complicated names consisting of multiple syllables. Also, make sure to make the name as short as possible.

5. Take care of how it is going to be typed

On some occasions, it is quite tough to make out some vlog names since they don’t have the required spaces in between them and simply push every word together. Always make sure that the viewers are capable of going through your vlog name without any problem whatsoever. Make it a point to use capital letters which will make it simpler for individuals to comprehend.

6. Perform a quick search on Google

After coming up with some vlog channel names, it will be a sensible idea to perform a quick search on Google. After all, you’ll not like to discover that somebody else has already used your name before.

7. Go for a domain-free name

In case your main objective is to have a vlog that will become quite famous over time, then it is important to select a name which is domain-free. This implies that nobody has yet purchased any domain online which consists of the proposed name of your vlog channel.

8. Select a social media-free name

Just like selecting vlog names which you will find on Internet domains, you’d also like to come up with a vlog name which you can own freely on social media networking sites. At present, social media is turning out to be quite important, particularly in terms of marketing. Social media will be a fantastic way for promoting your vlog channel.

9. Select a vlog name that is visual

On some occasions, you might have a tough time remembering the name of someone else. According to many experts, the most effective way of remembering the name of somebody else will be to associate this name with some memorable visual representation. You can apply the identical logic to your vlog name. In case your name is more visual, it will be easier for individuals to remember it. But why is it so? This is because of the fact that it will be possible for the viewers to relate your vlog channel to something visual which will be much simpler for them to remember in the long run.

10. Sleep on it

After coming up with unique vlog channel names, it would be almost impossible for you to wait when it comes to creating your innovative youtube channel name. It is a fact that on some occasions the silliest things come to our mind after getting up from our sleep in the morning, and we simply derive inspiration from our dreams.

Similarly, it will be sensible to sleep on naming your vlog so that you do not lament about it eventually. There is no need to worry in case you are an impatient individual. You simply need to wait for approximately 12 hours for getting the best results.

Now that you have got a suitable reply to the question “how to make a catchy name for a vlog?” it will be time for you to look at the top 10 vlogger name generators out there.

10 sources to generate vlog channel names

1. Nameboy

As claimed by the website this particular YouTube vlogger name generator is one of the most outdated name generators which cannot only create vlog names, but can likewise suggest business names, domain names, blog names, and so on. It is quite simple to come up with a unique name with Nameboy given that you simply need to type in the keywords and that’s all!

2. NameBounce

This is one more creative vlogger name generator that is quite simple to use and will help you to choose your youtube channel name. The website comes with a clean user interface without any irrelevant links or unwanted advertisements. You need to enter only one keyword in the search box for getting the results.

3. Kparser

This one is a universal vlog channel name generator which will allow you to enter several keywords and the names will be generated based on that. Apart from this, you can also filter the list for getting more granular suggestions. Otherwise, a subscription plan can also be purchased by you for getting better results.

4. BizNameWiz

Apart from being a vlog name generator, BizNameWiz will likewise assist you in coming up with names of various business types, for example, startups planning to provide cleaning services, food or fashion businesses, and so on.

5. SpinXO

This one is yet another essential app for generating nicknames for the YouTube channel which can be quite unique as well as creative. Besides this, SpinXO will also be able to generate Instagram account names, usernames, nicknames, as well as game tags.

6. SocialVideoPlaza

In case you are thinking of how to name a vlog channel, then SocialVideoPlaza will be the ideal solution for you. Being a simple and straightforward name generator, it will suggest unique names for YouTube and other channels effectively. It also comes with lots of training materials like strategy guides, startup guides, and so forth.

7. Name Generator

This one is a simple tool for generating innovative vlog names. Apart from creating YouTube names, it will also suggest other titles for your Twitter, names, for your personal themes, last as well as middle names, and much more.

8. Username Generator

This is a free tool for getting vlog name ideas for your video channel. Being a universal web tool, it can likewise be utilized for getting suggestions for all types of names including businesses, blogs, brands, and so on.

9. Best Username Generator

This one is one more generator for vlog names that will be able to suggest innovative usernames for different platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. It also comes with a drop-down list that will enable you to choose the length of the names associated with the topic.

10. Name Generator 2

This one is an improved version of the previously mentioned Name Generator and it is even easier to use, unlike its predecessor. You simply need to enter a prefix as well as a suffix for getting the title, and the rest will be done by this web tool for you in no time at all and you will be well on your way to choosing your youtube channel name.

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