Choosing the right tripod for your smartphone

A cellphone or camera tripod is one of the most renowned equipments for the stabilization of a photography device for obtaining sharp images. What tripod you’ll buy will depend mainly on the type of photography or filmography that you’ll be doing. The majority of tripods and monopods are meant for taking selfies and fun shots, either at the frontal or at a particular angle. Thus let’s find out what would be the ideal tripod for a smartphone for you and how we’ll define this ideal tripod.

What is a Tripod?

In the world of photography, the tripod is three-legged device designed for steadily and securely holding the camera. A lot of tripods are available with adjustable legs and central pole and have been used in conjunction with the tripod mount for a smartphone for which the head has been fixed. The general purpose of tripod is to let the photographers capture images with longer exposure (slow shutter speeds) where enough light isn’t available for positioning the camera to avoid shake in the image. Tripods also widely get use in different situations where a photographer captures a same image, or the scene many times, for example, to form HDR images through capturing the same scene at different times with different exposures.

Tripods are great accessories and they can easily assist you in photography. A lot of tripods are available in the market in different shapes and sizes and range from full-sized to compact ones like a mini tripod for smartphones. Tripods are available for suiting different budgets and they’re available in different materials such as carbon fiber aluminum.

With fast shutter speed capabilities and ISO functionalities from modern cams, you might consider whether to get tripods or not? Whatever photography genre you’re into, tripods act versatile and have beneficial support. If you’re not really having one, or are considering having one in the photography kit, there are six reasons as to why getting a tripod is really a great move towards better photography.

Get better low light photographs

Whatever photography type you prefer, the tripod is really a great photography tool, mainly in conditions of low light. In such shoots, there are situations where it won’t be possible to hold the camera steadily in hand. The use of a tripod significantly assists you.

Photographing long exposures

With tripod, you can easily capture long exposure through the use of slow shutter speed with several seconds. It is helpful for minimizing risks associated with any form of movement. With long exposure capture using the tripod helps in allowing higher light for entering the camera compared to taking a handheld photos.

Get sharper Images

Tripods are known for offering sharper images. Most amateurs shooting in low light take a lot of handheld shots while ending up having blurry images. Tripods are great instruments to get accuracy in images.

Frame and tweak shots

Once you mount the camera on a tripod, you’ll notice that it is possible to make a few changes to the framing without many problems. While you do this by moving the camera in a direction, down, up, right or left, you’ll also get limited movement.

Additionally to all the camera benefits, other blessings of having a tripod would be the camera weight getting lifted off the shoulder when it is kept on one. And also while holding the camera the tripod doubles up like a light stand for the reflectors.

Tripod with Ring Light

Now let’s assume that you’ve got the right place meant for the shot. You’ve got everything in order, but the right lighting is not there. Tripod with ring light does the job well as it is the best flexible tripod for smartphones. For the beginner, the camera accessory works well if you’re planning to get a Youtube Channel or just wish to obtain professional photos for the Instagram account. The ring light is available in a circular shape.

You get an option of holding the camera in the ring’s middle side so all the shots are really lit well from different angles. With ring light tripods you get adequate light for lighting a limited area. These can be available with enough adjustments for making the videos or photographs appear glare-free and bright.

What is a Ring Light?

The ring light is really a single lighting tool commonly required for portraits, macro photography, and beauty shots. Tripod with light ring is available with little bulbs that form a circle or a fluorescent bulb. When it was used in photography, it forms an attractive catch light on the eyes of the subject. At the same time, it can also emit diffused and even lighting required for eliminating shadows. The light can be positioned in the subject front with camera being in the ring’s middleside.

Using the ring light

Ring lights can be bought like they’re intended to, but plenty of tutorials are there for DIY ring lights. However, you should keep in mind that if you’re making a constant right light for the video, it normally becomes a highly challenging task as you have to brush up on different types of bulbs with the right materials to be sure that the DIY ring lights are good for prolonged and repeated use.

Another thing you must know: The size and power of the tripod for a phone with a ring light can make a significant difference. If you wish to have visible catch light on the eyes of the subject, you’ll require larger ring light. However, with little ring lights, you get the same type of effect when you’re about to do many close-ups. For power, it is typically best to have the one with dimmer. Power adjustment becomes simple depending on the distance between the subject and the ring light.

If you wish to have optimization for selfies, brightening the vlogs, or glowing up the face for endless zoom meetings, investing in the right ring light is highly worthwhile. Tinkering the lighting can easily be considered highly exclusive for professional shoots, but only a slew of selfie ring lights can get the right types of light to be more accessible and affordable. This means that you won’t have to put up with drabbing self-facing video or snaps.

Best Ring Lights for Vlogging and Selfies:

You can complete a glow-up with these best vlogging lights, video calls, etc. If you require an affordable and versatile light, the UBeeize is a really great add-on.

UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light with Tripod

UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light with Tripod
UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light with Tripod


  • 12’’ LED Ring Light. A beefy 12-inch ring light that kicks out 20W of power from 240 LEDs.
  • 5 Color Temperatures and 10 Level Brightness
  • 67’’ Selfie Stick Tripod and Phone Tripod Stand. The tripod is applicable to any situation such as video shooting, group photos, vlogging, adventuring, and taking selfies. Plus, it works in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Multiple Shooting Angles and High Compatibility. It also provides high compatibility for all cell phones, cameras, Ipad, webcams, and GoPro.
  • The Most Comprehensive Accessories. This kit includes everything you need to get going, with a 12-inch light, a 67-inch stand, a phone holder, and a Wireless remote.

Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light Kit
Neewer Ring Light Kit


Kit includes: (1)18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K LED Ring Light+(1)61″/155cm Light Stand+(1)Soft Tube+(1)White and Orange Color Filter Set+(1)Ball Head Hot Shoe Adapter+(1)Universal Power Adapter with Plug+(1)Smart Phone Holder+(1)Carrying Bag for Ring Light.

IVISII 19 inch Ring Light

IVISII 19 inch Ring Light with Remote Controller and Stand iPad Holder
IVISII 19 inch Ring Light with Remote Controller and Stand iPad Holder


  • Package included: 1x 19″Ring Light, 1x 74.8 inches/188cm Light Stand, 1x Carrying Bag, 1x Wireless Remoter, 1x Bluetooth Remoter, 4x Plastic Diffusion filter( White/Blue/Red/Green ), 1x iPad Holder,1x Phone Holder, 3x Camera mounting bracket, 1x US Plug, 1x Europe Plug
  • Colorful filters & Adjustable brightness. The LED light with 4 different color filters( white/red/blue/green ) ; The brightness can be adjustbale from 0% to 100%.
  • Fashion design. Smart LCD display shows the brightness & color temperature accurately; Ultrathin thickness makes it lighter; The light with all-around heat dissipation design to make longer working time.
  • High Color Rendering/Multiple Compatible – CRI ≥97 and TLCI ≥ 99, high color rendering makeup ring light brings a real, natural color and high color reproduction; A cold shoe adapter is compatible with most DSLR cameras and a smartphone holder for most smartphones.
  • Dual power supply & Wireless Remote Controller.

What is a Monopod?

Similar to the tripod the monopod has a lot of demand. The monopod is mainly a form of camera support with only single leg. These can easily get collapsed and they’re typically available in different numbers and heights of collapsible sections. The most renowned ones are 3-section or the 4-section monopods, but sometimes it is possible to also get more. With more sections, you get smaller fully collapsed length. However, it is at the expense of little rigidity as al the sections gradually become thinner.

Monopods are great for supporting cameras when carrying a tripod is not practical.

Monopod benefits

The main benefit you get with the monopod is portability as it is available in low profile and lightweight. Even with little bit of travel the monopod takes up a relatively large area in a backpack or suitcase. Monopods often get strapped with the carry bag or can work dual-purpose similar to a walking stick.

Monopods can be extended and retracted back easily and it creates big difference in both city streets and woods.

A Monopod doesn’t require a swivel head. With an adjustable head it becomes a lot more versatile, and adds up to the total bulk.

Monopods are cheaper. A well functional monopod costs around $20. Monopods are accepted in a lot of places. Although you must consult the staff before bringing the monopod.

Remote Trigger Release

Most professional photographers need tripods to get blur-free sharp shots. However, the tripod attracts unwanted motion blue after you press the shutter button. The article helps in discovering when and how you’ll be able to make use of a remote shutter for creating stunning pictures.

Using a remote shutter isn’t much worthy until you get stillness in the camera. Thus, it’s vital to have a tripod.

Number of sections

Most of the tripod legs are collapsible or telescoping for transport and height adjustment purposes. With more sections in the tripod leg, they can be retracted shorter. However, with more sections, you get less stability.

Shooting Tip: Whenever it is possible, it’s best to avoid the extension of the little tripod section all the way. While leaving the bottom section retracted partially for adding stability to the rig.


Many monopods are available with integrated mirrors present on the selfie stick and they help in HD photography with the phone’s rear camera. Mirrors are useful for getting mirror selfies whenever you want them.


A lot of monopods aren’t much tall when they get extended. Many monopods reach only around 150 to 160cm in length. They add up to the height of the camera, and still, it typically remains a few cms low compared to eye level (while standing upright).

To adjust the length to eye level it is ideal to have a viewfinder. Also, this adds up to comfort as well as hunching down for looking isn’t really comfortable and gets troublesome after some time.

Anti-slip coating

To maintain the monopod’s sturdiness and firmness in hand most monopods are available with anti-slip coating. The soft rubber based hand grip also helps in rust prevention. This also allows the phone to be used in snow, rain and while surfing. The coating is ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts as they can record seamlessly without having any worries regarding slipping of camera or mobile from the mount.

Additionally your monopod also appears eye-catching with ergonomic and professional design for long time usage and it leads to effective reduction of hand vibration, while remarkably improving shooting footage with hand strap and coating that goes well with the skin. The additional slip-proof coating also provides comfort for holding.

Tripod Designs:

Smartphone mounts

Smartphones and mobile devices can be mounted easily with tripod mounts. These are tiny accessories that create an impact on both photo and video quality, the tripod mounts work great for amateur filmmakers, photographers, and professionals. The smartphone mount also cradles the device in the preferred case. These work well on almost all phones with IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry OS.

No matter wherever you’re traveling to, with their portability features you can easily shoot and vlog with your phone. The mounts are compatible with almost all tripods, but a tripod would require lastic spacers for ensuring tight fitting.

Once the tripod clamp for the smartphone gets attached to the tripod, you can pop in the mobile device or the smartphone and you’re good to go!

With its quick access mount, you can easily quickly swap between devices. All you have to do is to capture a particular scene on the iPhone and then switch for snapping another pic on the Android or the iPod.

Body Material

Three basic materials are there are tripod legs: carbon fiber, wood, and aluminum. All these are available with a lot of benefits and disadvantages.



  • Ecological
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Is non-conducting
  • Easily tolerates temperatures
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t fold to compact size
  • Has a lot of weight



  • Good ratio for strength to weight
  • Valuable
  • Durable 


  • Is cold with outer cold
  • Corrosion
  • Turns hot in hot environments

Carbon Fiber


  • Has good dampening of vibration
  • Great ratio of weight to strength
  • Doesn’t corrode
  • Tolerant to temperature


  • Is not durable for impact
  • Is expensive

Also other materials are available such as steel, ABS plastic, basalt lava, etc.

For protection against thermal properties and for comfort carrying feel, a lot of tripod legs are available with foam protection. You can also buy aftermarket protection for accessorizing the tripod.

Head Type of Tripods and Monopods

The tripod head is a tripod system part that works well for attaching supported device (like the camera) to tripod legs, and also helps in device orientation for getting locked down or manipulated. Stand-alone or modular heads are usable on different tripods and lets users select the head type which suits them well according to the requirements. The integrated heads get built directly in tripod legs and minimize the tripod system costs.

The main function of the tripod head would be to offer the ability to hold the attached device and fixing it in a certain orientation till the user requires a position change.

The best tripod for a smartphone is all about stability and ease of shooting. This equipment ensures that the camera stays in its place on a windy day or it is able to withstand the bumps, vibrations, and knocks that are common to encounter during photography and filming.

Investing in a good-performing tripod stand for smartphones is helpful and it lasts for a lot of time. Also, in this way you’re not only able to use the tripod only through the smartphone, but it also becomes compatible with a DSLR or a sports action camera such as a GoPro. While it might seem a little bit on the costly side, it’s surely worth the investment.

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