10 helpful tips to get a vlog running on Instagram

In 2000, the term Vlog was introduced which laterally means a video log or a video blog but today it is widely used by bloggers. Most of the bloggers are vlogging these days to make their vlogs famous. In this write-up, we are going to discuss certain tips that can help you in running an Instagram vlog successfully. We will also introduce you to some of the popular Instagram vloggers so that you can follow them to be one of them one day.

How to Start a Vlog on Instagram?

Starting a vlog on Instagram is not as easy as it seems to be. To be a successful vlogger you must have to make the right preparations, equipment, and focus. One of the most effective strategies to market your vlog on Instagram is to create a captivating video for Instagram. These videos can be of any length ranging from 3 seconds to one minute. You can use your phone to upload them directly on Instagram or use some other source to transfer the files to your phone and then to Instagram. Thus it allows you to improve your strategy to market your videos on Instagram by using the videos flexibly.

Today videos are used by brands to show and market their products by sharing them on social media networks like Instagram and Instagram Live etc. But to market a product you must know how to start making Instagram vlogs. The tips provided he ender can help you in this regard.

Set your goals clearly

Vlogs are normally based on short videos ranging from 5-60 seconds or so. It is not easy to tell an attractive story in such a short time. So it is very important to plan what you want o say through your video. Therefore, before creating a vlog you must have a clear idea of the goal you want to achieve through it.

Narrate a story

You should plan to create a vlog if you have the potential to attract the attention of others with your video. You must be able to use every second of the video to tell others what is in your mind. It should also include a call to action at the end to encourage the viewers to take a step forward and get engaged with your brand or its products.

Set lighting for your video

Before starting to make a video you must set lighting to make the best videos even if you do not have a lighting kit used by professional videographers. You can find a source of natural light, use lights available creatively, and avoid using overhead lights to make an impressive video.

Start shooting your video

After setting up lighting for capturing video for Instagram you must follow the tips and best practices of Instagram while choosing a camera for this purpose. You should use your phone to shoot a video in landscape or portrait mode as Instagram does not crop them according to its requirements. However, while shooting a video your focus should be on your subject and your shots should be steady and selective otherwise it may not be able to engage the viewers of the Instagram vlog.

Instagram Vlog Ideas

Instagram is the right platform where you can market your brand and connect your audience to it by creating a vlog. But if you are making an Instagram vlog for the first time and do not know what to shoot on then some of the ideas provided here under can help you in this regard.

Educational or Tutorial videos: One of the most popular and common types of content displayed on Instagram includes a tutorial or an educational video. It attracts viewers due to its value and usefulness and ease of sharing and digesting.

Vlog consistently: To grow the audience for your brand or products you must vlog consistently. Your vlogs must be outstanding.

Teaser: A teaser is a snippet of a whole video that you can upload on Instagram as you cannot upload a long video on this platform.

Interview: to increase the rate of engagement and views to your Instagram vlog you can invite respected and famous personalities to shoot a short interview. You can shoot such videos repeatedly if they work successfully to promote your brand.

Animation: An animation is one of the easiest and quickest ways to explain your services or products. These videos are compatible with Instagram as they are very short in length.

Video meme: Meme is one of the most popular contents on Instagram as they are usually relatable, sharable, and funny. They easily become viral as you can relate your friends to them by tagging them.

Funny videos: It can help you in making your customers laugh from time to time by making funny videos related to your brand or products. These videos will emotionally connect your customers to your brand.

Instagram Video Tips and Tricks

The tips and tricks discussed here under will help you in making successful Instagram videos.

Follow current trends

The current trends of social media should be followed to make your vlog interesting for your audience. You can follow YouTubers to create your version of the Instagram vlog.

Make your vlog interesting

Though it is not easy to find good content for your vlog still you can make it interesting for your customers by adding travel experiences, humor, failures of life, encounters with animals, sports, or challenges to it.

Try to talk to the camera

It is not easy for a beginner to create a vlog as you have to talk to the camera while shooting it. So to be a successful vlogger you must practice talking to the camera whenever you are comfortable.

Work with other vloggers

It will be beneficial not only for you but also for the YouTubers to work together as it can help both the channels to increase the traffic of subscribers. You can use a YouTuber as a ladder to promote your vlog.

Use lively music

Vloggers normally spend a lot of time finding the track suitable for their vlog. The music you choose must make the listeners feel good and do not have any copyright limitations.

Cool changes

By making some unique changes you can spice up your vlog. You can make some changes in the music track or the background of the vlog to make it more interesting for the viewers.

Post regularly

To be a successful vlogger for Instagram you should post your Instagram vlogs regularly either once a week, bi-weekly or monthly. However, the content of your vlog must be new and of high-quality every time.

Include an attractive Intro and Outro

According to experts, your Instagram vlog must have a short introduction and conclusion sections so that your audience can easily understand what they can expect to see in that vlog. Its outro should include a logo, a button to subscribe, and links to visit other vlogs. An attractive intro and outro can make your vlog stand out from other vlogs on the same topic.

Reduce unsteady video content

By recording shaky videos it can be disgusting to watch them. In a vlog, you can reduce the shaky scenes even without investing in new gear to use with the camera by taking some careful steps. While shooting you should hold your camera firmly with both hands, keep your elbow close to your body, and focusing appropriately on the subject to avoid recording shaky videos.

Use a good quality camera

To make the best Instagram vlogs you must use a good quality camera so that your vlog can meet the standards of Instagram. A digital camera can be a good option instead of a phone to create a good vlog.

Popular Instagram Vloggers

Some of the popular Instagram vloggers may include:

Tyler Oakley Though all the videos of this vlogger are not exactly what vlogs should be still he is a famous vlogger because of some of the vlog videos posted daily by him on his YouTube channel like “Day in the Life” etc. Tyler regularly posts a few videos on different topics ranging from the stories of life to reviews of products every week. He was honored as the YouTuber of the Year in 2016.

Lilly Singh was born in Canada and is not only a vlogger but an actress and author. Lilly has started uploading her videos on YouTube in 2014 to show a wide variety of vlogging activities every day. She has been awarded several times for her activities.

Daniel Howell is a skilled vlogger as, since 2009, he is uploading videos consistently. He is an extremely popular vlogger these days because he makes funny videos to make people laugh at them.

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